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How boutique hotels can create a high-touch guest experience in a no-touch world

As hotels look to re-open, they know that guest confidence is going to be critical. Around the world, hotels large and small...

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Tags: Digital Experience Platform, DXP, digital transformation,

50 Ways to Fight Bias: A Free Toolkit from Lean In and McKinsey & Company

2020 has held us to account in a variety of ways, demanding a hard look at the way we not only do business but connect and...

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Tags: workplace culture, culture of care, risk assessment,

Grow your small business with Forrester’s 2021 planning resource hub.

For small businesses, thriving in an economic landscape that is unpredictable and rapidly changing presents unprecedented...

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Tags: small business, industry trends, business tools,

What small business owner inspires you? We'd love to feature them on the Big on Small podcast!

When you think of small business owners, who inspires YOU the most? Small businesses account for more than 99% of businesses...

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Tags: small business, small business owners, mentoring,

Ask these 7 questions to boost psychological safety at work.

2020 has pushed the limits of psychological safety in every possible way. There are plenty of things demanding leaders take a...

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Tags: stress, innovation, relationship building,

Celebrating National Small Business Week? These tools can help!

This week (September 21-25) is National Small Business Week in the U.S., celebrating entrepreneurs and the 30 million small...

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Tags: small business, small business owners, remote workplace,

6 things your worthy cause can do to boost funding right now.

In celebration of National Nonprofit Day, we’ve gathered together a few things to help! With our roots in supporting worthy...

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Tags: fundraising, charities, NGO,

Introducing Turnaround Tuesdays with Mark Faust

At InspireHUB, we’ve been blessed with a network that includes some of the foremost leaders in the world. A few years ago, we...

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Tags: small business, leadership development, transformation,

Crisis leadership: the power of empathy to transform logic and emotion

Leaders have a great deal of weight on their shoulders these days. In a time of great change -- economic, health and our very...

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Tags: communications, small business, stress,

FREE small business mentors | Part 5: women-owned business resources

Small businesses owned by women power a significant portion of the economy, yet women face substantial challenges and receive...

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Tags: small business owners, transformation, mentors,

3 ways to navigate crisis leadership communications during COVID-19

Leading in a crisis is never easy. At InspireHUB, we've been operating as a 100% remote team for seven years, an experience...

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Tags: communications, team building, rules of engagement,

Ideagen® TV IMPACT NOW Host Mary Millben Power Chat with Karolyn Hart

One of our favourite people on the planet, award-winning actress and singer, Mary Millben, is leading the IMPACT NOW series...

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Tags: leadership, small business, innovation,

FREE small business mentors | Part 4: minority-owned business resources

Minority-owned businesses don’t just power economic growth. A report from the Center for Global Policy Solutions shows they...

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Tags: small business owners, transformation, mentors,

FREE small business mentors | Part 3: NGO and collaborative resources

Mentored entrepreneurs create twice as many new jobs as solo entrepreneurs. 75% of them increase their revenue. These are...

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Tags: small business owners, transformation, foundations,

FREE small business mentors | Part 2: federal government resources

These FREE federal government resources (and a few non-government collaborators) help match small business owners with the...

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Tags: small business owners, transformation, mentors,

Finding the best FREE mentors for your small business | Part 1: LinkedIn

80% of entrepreneurs with a mentor are still in business after a year. With 30% of small businesses failing within the first...

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Tags: small business owners, LinkedIn, transformation,

App pairing: making a Wine Club App for YOUR small winery | InspireHUB

Like all industries around the world, wineries are faced with the need to innovate or risk being crushed. According to the...

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Tags: wine promotion, wineries, wine tasting,

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