Take the anxiety out growing your small business with Forrester’s new Planning for 2021 resource hub.


For small businesses, thriving in an economic landscape that is unpredictable and rapidly changing presents unprecedented challenges. With so many people offering help (good problem to have!), trying to quickly access the resources and ideas that best fit your needs can be a challenge.

A great place to start? The trusted allies that have been reliable beacons for businesses for years. Amongst those is Forrester, one of the most respected research and advisory organizations globally. Their reports, blogs and podcasts help business and technology shepherds shape their organization's leadership, strategy, and operations.


Insights to help your small business find opportunities in the uncertainty.

As we slide into the end of a tumultuous year, we face a new challenge: planning for 2021. As Forrester themselves confess: that's a daunting and overwhelming exercise in a climate of uncertainty. And as Forrester does, they come alongside you with clear, actionable, relevant resources to help you nail it.

No matter the size of your business, you'll find their new "Planning Assumptions 2021" hub to be a feast of powerful—FREE—tools and ideas. Yes, free. Start here:


New resources continue to be added to the ones now there supporting marketing and sales champions. From simple blogs and video pep talks to detailed role-based guides that walk you through critical insights, you've got easy access to tools that will help you lean into the disruption to cultivate powerful new opportunities for your business.

Follow Forrester on Twitter to be alerted to new things as they are added to the hub:


And if you really want to make mastering change your superpower rather than your organization's Achilles Heel, take 15 minutes to tap into April Rinne's TEDx Talk on harnessing the "Flux Mindset".  She offers 3 very powerful, simple, do-somethings to help you adjust your sails here:

Using a flux mindset to pivot and grow your small business through times of uncertainty and change

Carpe diem, small business champion! You've got this ...


Looking for more small business help?


The Ultimate Small Business Survival Guide
The Ultimate Small Business Survival Guide is Here

We've been helping InspireHUB clients not just survive during this time but THRIVE! We collected all of our advice and made it available for FREE as our great big give-back during this difficult time. Included in this FREE Guide:

  • Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Practical Marketing Help
  • Proven Strategies to Pivot Your Company

Check it out now!


Loving Remote: a Path to Leading an Inspirational Culture that Employees Love!
Lead an Inspirational Remote Work Culture that Employees Love!

At InspireHUB, we get it. We've been a 100% remote workplace for more than 7 years, and are the first to admit we were UN-InspireHUB while we learned to grow into it.

We put this book together because we saw so many people struggling as they've had to adapt to this new way of working overnight.

Here's how you can use it to grow YOUR small business too ...

Included in this FREE Guide:

  • Why your remote team is experiencing fatigue.
  • Understanding how leaders and employees have vastly different remote experiences.
  • The lines you cannot cross with employee privacy when working remote.
  • How to gamify your remote workforce.
  • The rules of virtual engagement when it comes to working remotely.
  • How the rules of meeting etiquette change in virtual meetings and why you must understand the difference!

Start reading LOVING REMOTE now.


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Celebrating National Small Business Week? These tools can help!

This week (September 21-25) is National Small Business Week in the U.S., celebrating entrepreneurs and the 30 million small businesses that account for 99.7 percent of firms nationally. Deferred from May due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's no surprise that the 2020 virtual activities focus on recovery, adaptation and innovation.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has been highlighting the impact of entrepreneurs and small businesses this way since 1963 and is hosting a variety of online activities as part of the National Small Business Week Virtual Conference through this Thursday.

Being a 100% remote workplace for more than seven years, InspireHUB began sharing resources in March to help small businesses faced with making the digital transition overnight. We had the good fortune of a long runway to grow into the challenges and opportunities of working remotely and knew that some of the tools and best practices we've adopted would be useful to others facing this change with very little time to adapt.

Here are a few FREE resources to help your small business pivot and recover, from our team to yours...

Using a flux mindset to pivot and grow your small business through times of change and uncertainty.

On New Year’s Eve, I’m sure many of us were looking to 2020 as the promise of a pivotal year, something filled with great change and possibility. I doubt any of us could really have been prepared for how that was about to transpire. For some, it meant the loss of their jobs and businesses. For many, it also meant the loss of loved ones to fires, to a pandemic and to the extraordinary growing pains of a long-overdue civil rights movement. All of this change has been painful. And in the words of April Rinne, whether we realize it yet it or not, it has also planted the seeds of a superpower.

Last November, April was giving a talk at TEDx Frankfurt, one that she never imagined would be both massive foreshadowing and also a critical key to how we would need to adapt as people and as businesses in order to survive not one, but many world-changing curveballs coming our way starting only weeks later.

Here are 3 things April shared that can help you grow your small business through these times of great change...



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