Looking to build a better digital experience?

We're the leading closed-circuit digital experience platform built for communicators.
We make it easy for those with large, diverse audiences to provide a digital experience that is personal, accessible and secure.


Build any digital experience that you need


Using the latest in Progressive Web App Technology. Launch your app in days.


Take your website to the next level by creating an experience that builds relationships.


Intranets & Extranets
Build an intranet or extranet in days (not months) to immediately begin engaging your team.


Supplier & Vendor Portals
Connect and engage with your distributors and suppliers instantaneously.

With a better approach


Better Relationships
Community building tools turn a standard digital experience into a powerful engine for your brand that is proven to increase engagement.


Better Ownership
All your data belongs exclusively to your brand to do with it as it sees fit. InspireHUB does not participate in data brokering of any kind.


Better Guardianship
Cyber.SC completes regular reviews of our closed-circuit digital experience platform and provides discounts to all IHUBApp clients.

On a closed-circuit platform

Introducing the Closed-Circuit

The Risk of Open-Source
Open-source platforms are the primary target for hackers and 60% of small to mid-sized businesses that experience an attack will close their doors within 6 months. They are primarily used because of their low-cost and flexibility.

The award-winning IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform brings a new approach to building a better platform.  InspireHUB Verified Developers agree to a strict protocol on developing new modules for the IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform including being willing to undergo reviews with our security partner Cyber.SC.  Partner modules are available via a module marketplace (just like in open-source technologies) but via a controlled system (just like closed-source solutions).  The best part? We've worked hard to keep the IHUBApp affordable!

The Cost of Closed-Source
Closed-source software isn't shared with the public for anyone to look at or change and typically costs more with less flexibility and longer wait times for resolutions to issues. 

Add modules to communicate with intent


Custom User Profiles
Empowers you to know what is important to your users so that you can engage at the personal level.


Automated Newsletters
Each week the IHUBApp sends out personalized newsletters to every user registered on your digital experience based on THEIR interests.


Enable Advertisers
Empower your local and global brands to easily promote their offerings directly with moderation control to help save you and your team time!


Volunteer for Tasks
Encourage volunteer participation on projects and tasks that are important to your organization.


Event Sales
Promote your events, use free and paid tickets, with no additional fees!


Members Only Areas
 Members can all safely communicate in a completely secured environment.


Recognize What Matters
Detailed analytics along with Polls allow you to easily see the interests of your users. 


Private Channels & Feeds
 Easily create secure channels that allow users to easily communicate with one another!


Secure Messaging
Private message center provides the ability to engage directly while providing your users with a secure space to communicate.


Behavior-Based Targeting
Customize the fields on the User's Profile that allows you to understand their motivations and interests.


No Mess Content Creation
No messing around. Creating a page or post is easy as inputting what you want to say and pressing save. 


Easily Manage Users
We've thought of it all from easy list imports that automatically invite your users to a one-click suspend button that instantly blocks access.

Using today's most addictive technologies


Secure Social Network
Instead of trying to figure out which social platform is safe to use, launch and OWN your very own network. 


What's the media type do you wish to promote? Video, calendars, blogs, images, and more!


Easy Integration
Integrate easily with your favorite tools, calendars, forms, and registrations.


Progressive Web App
The IHUBApp uses the latest in PWA Technology, providing you with lightning fast engagement! 


Privacy & Security
InspireHUB has partnered with Cyber.Sc to ensure our technologies remain safe and secure while also providing your team with critical training.


No Third Parties
Why allow a third party to optimize the power of your data when you can do it for yourself?  The IHUBApp License is clear.  YOU own your content and your data!


Notification Management
We enable your content to be easily followed and a notification system keeps them coming back.  Desktop, Push, Text, and Email work together to ensure your people are kept current!


You're In Control 
Private or public? Publisher or Contributor? Make and change security roles, app settings, and more all from the ease of your dashboard.  You control it all!

Start communicating with intent!






Here's a few general questions we often get asked.

Do we have to pay for updates?

No!  We are constantly working on updating our software and providing new tools and features.  You get all the updates for FREE, and when we make the update, it is instant.  We even prompt the users on your hub, so they are up to date also!

Will the IHUBApp give me an app icon on the phone?

Yes! Depending on the phone and browser they will receive a prompt to "Add to Phone".  On Android, this places the icon directly in with their other apps.  For Apple phone users, they can decide where to download the icon on their phone.

Do we have to install anything?

No!  Everything is based in the cloud. Once you login to your dashboard, you can immediately start building your IHUBApp! For your users, they just need to click on your URL, and the magic of PWA technology is it will instantly give them access to your content WHILE it is installing on their phone.  

Is my IHUBApp secure?

Yes! We are a closed-circuit platform that has been built to be secure from the ground up. We're also partnered with Cyber.SC to ensure we remain compliant in every country we operate in.  The good news is that you don't need to worry about staying up-to-date with open source code or plugins that have been proven to be easily compromised.

Can we host our IHUBApp somewhere else?

We are a software-as-a-service platform which means you subscribe to where we host our technology.  That said, for large corporations who have certain industry and compliance concerns, we can work with your IT team to understand this need and discover a solution that will help you meet your compliance concerns.

Who owns the data, content, and users in the IHUBApp?

You do! We provide the licensing of technology, and everything else belongs to you.  Everything that you put into your hub is yours, and we have no rights or access to it.  Just like when you create a document using Word, you own it all!

What happens to my content if we wish to cancel?

If you decide to opt-out of the IHUBApp, your content will become inaccessible, but our team will work with you to extract key pieces of data into CSV files for future reference.  Depending on your industry, we may be required to keep your hub backed up for a certain amount of time in order for you to access it in the future and in case you change your mind! :-)=

How fast can our IHUBApp be launched?

Fast! So far, the fastest client to launch took two days. (They purchased on a Wednesday and launched on a Friday.)  If your team is ready with content, we can get you launched fast! :-)

Is it true we can contact support about ANYTHING?

Yes! Customer service is #1 for us, and making your organization successful is our top priority. We once had a client call us to ask if she had caught a wasp or a bee as bees are protected where she lives.  Our team was helpful to "bee" of service, and that's the sort of legendary stories that we love to see "buzzing" around the digital universe about us! :-)

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Formstack Certified Partner