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At InspireHUB, we’ve been blessed with a network that includes some of the foremost leaders in the world. A few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Mark Faust.  Mark has over thirty years of experience in helping companies turn around through his company Echelon Management International. The brands he’s helped include John Deere, Apple, Bayer, IBM and P&G.  He also helped me personally and professionally with InspireHUB as we morphed to become the company we are today.

His insight and expertise are invaluable, but realistically, the majority of small businesses would never get access to a “Mark” due to the size of their budget. Having someone like Mark literally can be a life-saving exercise for any size business. What impressed me the most about the work Mark and I did together was the bulk of it was not business tactics and strategy; it was about myself as a leader. Understanding what motivated me, where I found my hope, what would INSPIRE me to wake up every day and work on this business.

Here's how Mark helped transform InspireHUB and how he's going to do the same for YOUR small business ...

Mark’s approach and exercises helped to identify areas of opportunity that I had not considered as a leader. For example, our team at InspireHUB was first assembled to go and work with the Mandela family, and with the goal of ‘helping good people do more good’. Years later, our entire team’s motivation remained the same. We realized that we found great joy and satisfaction in helping groups and organizations who are under-resourced achieve their goals.

At InspireHUB, we don’t believe in the ‘self-made man or woman’ but rather in the village mentality. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a community of dedicated and like-minded individuals to create a company.

Our motivation (helping others) and our worldview (the power of community) were the building blocks that led us to a powerful transformation. It guided the decision to simply give as much free advice as we possibly could through blogs, books , webinars and podcasts.

Understanding that our success came from the community that surrounded us, we asked ourselves: “How do we bring this community to help others?” The logical next step was to ask those who had helped us if they would agree to extend that assistance to other small businesses. So Turnaround Tuesdays with Mark Faust was born!

Each Tuesday, starting next week, Mark will be sharing his expertise on how to turnaround your small business. His blogs will be filled with practical insights designed to guide you through everything from marketing to operational processes. As one of the companies he helped grow, we know first hand how inspiring his leadership is and just how well it works! Mark has also agreed to make his best-selling book ‘Growth or Bust’ available, free of charge, to any small business. We’ll be sharing that with you soon.

You can learn more about Mark and his company, Echelon Management, by clicking here.


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