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Like all industries around the world, wineries are faced with the need to innovate or risk being crushed.  According to the most recent numbers, small wineries are being hit the hardest, and those producing 1,000 to 5,000 cases a year could lose 47.5% of their revenue in 2020 due to tasting room and restaurant closures.

Wineries surviving during this time have one thing in common. They are embracing innovation in multiple ways, including converting to online sales, hosting virtual tastings, and doing whatever is necessary to learn on the fly.

Books like Big Sales for Small Wineries offer free resources to help boutique wineries create digital Wine Clubs, leverage the type of private online communities that help to foster loyalty and increase sales, and understand the next steps necessary to transform and grow.


5 ways small wineries can create the ultimate Wine Club App

1. Create a Wine Club strategy and plan.

Any tool that you create will only be as good as the plan that you put in place for its use. The first step isn't  to build a Wine Club App, but first to plan out your Wine Club strategy. If you have a small resource team, then figuring out which member of your team will be the Wine Club Manager is a critical first step. From there, it's time to write up your strategy and plan. Once you have this completed, it's time to begin researching what Wine Club Apps might fit with your overall strategy and goals.

2. Ensure that your Wine Club App reflects your brand and personality.

Whether your winery is 10 years old or 100 years old, much thought undoubtedly went into its name, the logo and the look and feel of every detail. The Wine Club App you select should give you the ability to customize it to match your look and feel. For example: if your Wine Club strategy is to create exclusivity, then ensuring the tool can easily be made private for members only is critical. However, if your Wine Club strategy is to create an online community for your fans, then the tool should give you the ability to encourage your members to like, comment, share and upload their own posts.

3. Select a Wine Club App that you can easily update.

Whether you are adding new vintages, new menu items, or new events, you and your team should be able to easily update and adjust without incurring large costs or any costs at all.; The flexibility to alter your content without engaging an outside party is critical.

4. Look for a Wine Club App that automates interactions.

In today's world, technology can streamline many of the things that used to be labor-intensive and take time. For example, the IHUBApp makes it easy for Wine Club Members to subscribe to channels of content they find most interesting. An automated, hyper-personalized newsletter is generated each week with no additional work required. Additionally, notifications are automatically enabled to help streamline the entire experience and prompt Wine Club Members when there is new content that may be of interest to them.

5. Ensure your Wine Club App is private and secure.

It should go without saying this needs to be a top priority for your small winery. In an increasingly digital world, it's absolutely critical that whatever you build for your clients will be a good experience that keeps that guards their engagement with you. Learn more about selecting a safe platform now.


Want another pour?


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Big Sales for Small Wineries
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