Reduce and eliminate time spent building traditional newsletters!

Sending newsletters is still one of the top email marketing tactics that helps to maintain and expand relationships. Yet, if your newsletter includes one piece of content that is irrelevant you risk losing your reader and along with the hours you just invested building your newsletter.

The IHUBApp™ Digital Experience Platform automated newsletter functionality changes everything for communicators, including: 

  • No more time spent fighting with templates and formatting.
  • A different newsletter sent to each person that is unique to their interests.
  • No more struggling with publishing schedules that are either sent too often or not often enough.

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The award-winning
IHUBApp uses automation and intelligent technology that completely transforms the newsletter experience.

How it works


Sent via email or composed via App

Adding content to your
customized app.
Forward your news and updates via email or add it directly from the app into the channels where your readers subscribe.

Aggregates and curates content while managing notifications.

Select the preferences that feed the intelligence engine.
Select the frequency, the day of the week, and the amount of posts to be included in your newsletter.

Distributes hyper-personal digest based on user preference.

The newsletter is automatically distributed with no IT intervention.
An individual newsletter is assembled from your app and emailed. Content is automatically aggregated and curated based on the reader's specific interest and preferences.

We've solved the problems that make newsletters fail!


No more disconnects between your audience and the content you deliver!

Maintaining multiple newsletters and templates for all your various audiences can be a significant under-taking. Even when this effort is done well it can still be difficult to ensure the content in the newsletter is what each individual reader desires.  We've streamlined the entire process so the newsletter always includes the stories of interest to the reader.  


The in-box is only the beginning of a really fantastic newsletter experience!

The IHUBApp is the engine that drives engagement and serves as your single point of truth for all updates.  Content is easily added into your custom white-labelled app experience via email or posted direct via the app. The email newsletter is automatically generated from the updates posted into the app. Through notifications and emails readers are prompted to engage with your content where they can like, comment, and seek more information easily!  You don't just receive a "newsletter tool" but a full customized app for your brand that works on all devices (mobile, desktop, and tablets).


Publish a schedule set by you and customized by your reader.

Creating a publishing schedule that works for you may not work for your readers.  Even when readers sign-up for a daily newsletter, when they change their mind (which they do) your unsubscribe rates rise! We've made preference setting a two-way street.  You set the day and frequency of your email newsletters and your readers also have the ability to set their own frequency, notifications, pause and reactivate based on their own needs.


Mistakes happen. Decisions change.  Enjoy the power to instantly change what is in your reader's inbox!

Reduce reader frustration with the ability to immediately pull-back and correct updates that are not accurate. The aggregated newsletter drives readers to the specific updates of their interest.  If a change is needed for any reason, it's as simple as updating the post.  Our PBM technology instantly refreshes the content and ensures the right information is being received.

What else do you receive?

We're changing the way campaigns are delivered and doing it with tools that save you time and drive engagement.

Custom White-Labelled App
Leverage the latest in progressive web app technology. You will receive a completed customized app with the look and feel of your brand.

Auto-Formatted Newsletter
Your newsletter is automatically formatted from the design preferences setup when building your customized app, producing brand alignment in your look and feel.

Enable/Disable Commenting
We provide you the power to enable/disable commenting on each post published into your app.

Enable/Disable Moderation
We provide you with full moderation control. Allow others to instantly publish updates or require content to be reviewed before publishing.

Our email marketing solutions are helping communicators solve the content challenge in a new and exciting way. Simply add your secure and private email addresses and see your campaigns come to life in your app.

Next Level Notifications
Push, desktop and email all come standard. Turn on SMS notifications to further engage your subscribers.

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