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You're making history right now. | Lead with Hart

You’re making history right now. It may not feel like it. You may feel like what you’re doing isn’t so important as others,...

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Tags: small business, leadership development, transformation,

Afraid of failing in these tough times? You’ve got this!

I hate failing. Success feels so much better. Right? Yet, the crazy thing about failing is that failure has done far more for...

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Tags: small business, culture of care, empathy,

Leaders make mistakes. Here’s why an apology is so powerful.

I just found an old agenda for a business meeting, and the first point of order on it said: APOLOGIZE.

Leaders make mistakes,...

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Tags: small business, workplace culture, culture of care,

Nature shows that from a season of destruction comes tremendous growth.

Giant Sequoias are the largest trees on earth. They can grow up to 3,000 years, and it ends up that fire is what makes it all...

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Tags: small business, leadership development, transformation,

Create your own plan. There is no 'can't'. | Lead with Hart

Have you ever noticed that every single movie that is deemed inspiring has the hero being told they can't do something? So,...

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Tags: leadership development, transformation, success strategies,

The ROI of Kindness | Lead with Hart

Kind·ness    /ˈkīn(d)nəs/   Noun   -   the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

In both our personal and professional...

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Tags: team building, stress, workplace culture,

What storms teach us about perception and the power of the positive flip.

The other night my husband poked his head in my office and said, “You got to see this! It looks like hell is coming across...

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Tags: leadership development, motivation, perspective,

Good leaders understand that loyalty also means unleashing people.

Loyalty matters. People don’t leave you because they aren’t “loyal”. Many times they leave because they are being loyal to...

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Tags: workplace culture, culture of care, leadership development,

Don't dismiss. Explain. Good leaders build trust.

A leader who dismisses employee questions with "You just don't understand." is actively eroding trust. As leaders, there are...

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Tags: employee engagement, workplace culture, culture of care,

Next level leadership. When people talking behind your back is great!

"We love him." Those were the words from some new clients talking about their CEO behind his back.

He's a straight-shooting,...

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Tags: employee engagement, employee happiness index, workplace culture,

Smart leaders empower people to thrive beyond their organization

It's pretty simple. If you decide to value and respect your people above ALL else, you will have a thriving and healthy...

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Tags: employee engagement, employee happiness index, workplace culture,

Igniting passion in your team. Lessons from a CEO that never fires.

The best way for a leader to keep their passion is to ignite it in others. I read this great article in Fast Company about...

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Tags: team building, employee engagement, employee happiness index,

A company culture based on empathy? 13 reasons why ...

It's one thing to make policies that put people first in company culture. It's another thing entirely to model them. But...

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Tags: leadership, communications, team building,

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