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I hate failing. Success feels so much better. Right? Yet, the crazy thing about failing is that failure has done far more for the development of my character and soul then success.


Something happens when we fail and find a way to get back up.

Something, deep within the innermost parts of our being is birthed at that moment. An ember begins to glow deep and abiding as the lessons we just learned begin to take hold.

To say that I have ever enjoyed failing would be a lie. At the time, it feels miserable. At the time, as I find myself knocked down in the dirt, sucker-punched by the life lesson, I feel the misery of the situation. We all have been there. That moment of just sitting down in the darkness of failure and asking "How did this happen?"

But, then there's another moment. That moment where our inner warrior taps us lightly and says "So, now what are you going to do about it?" Sometimes, we brush them off for a bit. "Can you please just go away for a bit and leave me in the darkness for a while?" Then the tap becomes a push: "Seriously, you're stronger than this. Get back up."

That first step looks different for each of us, but it starts with deciding today to not just "get back up" but to "light back up". The world needs you!





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