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Have you ever noticed that every single movie that is deemed inspiring has the hero being told they can't do something? So, why are we surprised when it happens in our own life? It's practically a universal requirement of our life journey.


Here's what you need to know about "can't" ...

People tell others they "can't" for a number of reasons. On the good side of the scale, they are afraid for you. They don't want to see you hurt or disappointed. On the bad side of the scale, they are afraid for themselves. They don't want to experience their own hurt or disappointment that you achieved something they desire.

Your job is to seek wisdom, do your research, and to create your own plan. You need to be able to live with YOUR plan. Whether you experience success or failure, you must be sure that you feel peace with the path you take. Living with "What if?" is far worse than living with "Well, now I know...".

Your job is to research, seek wisdom, and when people tell you that it's not possible, you can say with a wink and a smile: "We're about to find out!"

Of course people will tell you that its not possible. It's the only way to ensure the movie of your life will be an inspiring one.



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