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The best way for a leader to keep their passion is to ignite it in others. I read this great article in Fast Company about how this CEO who had never fired anyone.

He used a tool called Career Leader to help his staff discover their interests and motivations. I was hooked and immediately started using this tool on my own team. Here's what happened ...

The results have been remarkable.

We have discovered untapped skills and potential right within our own team.

In fact, I had two major gaps I was trying to figure out how to fill only to find out that I already have the people in-house with the know-how to get it done.

There is only one thing that a leader must do immediately following the moment a person is unleashed into the area of passion: get out of their way. The speed in which solutions started flying into my inbox made me laugh.

"Excited much?" I said. "I couldn't sleep last night I had so many ideas," was the enthusiastic reply, that sentiment now being the common response after we complete this exercise.

What has surprised me the most out of all this is the impact it's had on me. Obviously, having gaps filled is a relief, but passion is contagious. As the song says: "It only takes a spark to get a fire going."

So thank you, Peter Platzer, for sharing this amazing leadership hack! It's been incredible.


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