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Loyalty matters. People don’t leave you because they aren’t “loyal”. Many times they leave because they are being loyal to themselves and aren’t willing to stay where they can’t make the most difference with their lives.

Most humans aren’t “jerks”. They actually want to know they are making a real difference. If they can make a difference working with you, they will usually stay.

Yet, some leave. Sometimes, it’s because their life mission is beckoning. Encourage them!


Loyalty has layers.

Loyalty is “giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.” They can still support you even if they aren’t working for you.

Loyalty still exists. It’s a myth that people are no longer as loyal as they were in the past. They are just as loyal as ever. Our understanding of loyalty and making the world a better place has evolved.

Great leaders understand that unleashing people to chase their dreams and bring their full gifts to this world is what being a loyal#loyal leader is all about.

Loyalty goes both ways. Remember that!



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