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"We love him." Those were the words from some new clients talking about their CEO behind his back.

He's a straight-shooting, walk-against-the-pack sort of guy. I get the sense he is fiercely protective of his people.

My own team has been following his posts on LinkedIn for over a year.  Here's why ...


Here's why people talking behind your back can be a very good thing.

This leader's people talking behind his back was actually wonderful!  So much so that my own team was discussing some of his principles on leadership and said:

"Ya know, I wish there were more leaders like him! I don't think he has any idea of how rare a breed he is. There are so many bad bosses and leaders who don't care. He is just not one of them."

Think about it. This leader isn't just positively impacting HIS team. He's also creating positive discussions in MY team, and we are just a vendor who has never actually MET this man in person.

That's next-level leadership: when people are talking good about you behind your back and your circles of influence create uplift outside of your sphere.

My team was right.

We need more leaders like that!


Whose leadership inspires YOU?

Feel free to tag a leader that inspired you in the comments section below! :-)


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