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5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Apps are the Latest Internal Technology Trend | InspireHUB

Employee Engagement Apps - More Than a Trend?

10 years ago, company wikis and difficult to maintain SharePoint sites did little...

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Tags: web apps, employee engagement apps

Municipalities Must Go Mobile
By Linda Lord On September 5, 2016

Municipalities Must Go Mobile

Online communications have revolutionized how information is discovered, consumed and shared. Ratepayers expect information to...

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Tags: mobile, mobile apps, web apps,

Consumption for the Masses-Royalty Gets Snackable Content | InspireHUB

On a recent trip to England, I made an interesting discovery. The Queen of England uses snackable content. Well, maybe she...

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Tags: engagement, engagement professionals, communications,

Are You Manipulating Your Audience? | InspireHUB

Let’s face it, no one likes to be manipulated. We feel foolish, tricked and a little resentful. However, when the tables are...

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Tags: engagement, communications

“Come One Come All” Event Engagement | InspireHUB

Every event or festival organizer wants to maximize promotion and ticket sales but not everyone is successful at it. By following...

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Tags: engagement, festivals, events

How to Use Your IHUBApp for Customer Service | InspireHUB

Recently, my husband and I went out for dinner and the customer service was awful. The menu wasn’t actually what was available,...

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Tags: mobile, web apps

Does Your Organization Treat Your Supporters Like a Crush or True Love?

Most people don’t know the real history of St.Valentine’s day. At a time when an oppressive ruler prohibited marriage...

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Tags: engagement, communications, InspireHUB Teachings

What John Scott Can Teach Your Organization About Engagement

(Photo orginally posted via NPR news / Cred: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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Tags: engagement, InspireHUB Teachings

The Power of Making Good Friends

At InspireHUB it isn’t enough to just be friendly, we strive to make good friends with coworkers, clients and supporters. Why is...

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Tags: volunteers, leadership, team,

The Power of Spontaneous Emotion and Its Impact on Engagement

Often, we believe that spontaneity is a function of chance, however that is not the case. The better prepared you are, the...

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Tags: volunteers, engagement, team,

Why You Should Focus On Relationships This Holiday

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” according to the seasonal song, but sometimes it isn’t. We can get so busy buying...

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