At InspireHUB it isn’t enough to just be friendly, we strive to make good friends with coworkers, clients and supporters. Why is this important? We have learned, and you will too, that an organization is only as strong as its relationships. Here’s why:

Good friends share your victories and your challenges.

When something wonderful happens to you, who is the first person you calla good friend. When that good friend wants to celebrate an achievement, who do they call? You! When an event goes well or a fundraising effort is wildly successful, you tell your friends first. When things don’t go exactly as you planned, good friends will be there to show support. And when things don’t go exactly as planned, good friends help you shoulder the pain. Good friends offer encouragement when you believe you are at the end of your positive attitude. Heartbroken, disappointed or exhausted, your good friends will be there to share the burden. This is important for your organization because you will always have a team to depend on. They will share the successes and the challenges; stepping up to offer support and suggestions as well as reminiscing about the good times.

Good friends have your back.

You know you can call them when you need a last minute volunteer or you need to sell five more tickets to reach your fundraising efforts. You know they won’t let you down. In fact, a good friend will get out of their pyjamas, put a smile on their face to meet you wherever you are, and defend you when others are saying unkind or untrue things about your organization.

Good friends will always help you problem solve.

It is always good to have more than one person brainstorming. Who better than your own audience to provide insights and perspectives that you may have missed when reviewing your organization’s strategies or plans?

Perhaps most importantly, they make a difference in your organization just by showing up. You take pleasure in seeing them, hearing about their day and letting off some steam. When they walk through the door, you feel supported, knowing that everything will work out. And when you are good friends with your audience, those same individuals will enjoy coming to your organization because they too, feel supported and heard. They look forward to the times they spend volunteering or attending your events.

So how does one go about making good friends? Try these 5 simple steps.

  1. Be interested in them. Ask questions that let them know that you genuinely want to get  to know them.
  2. Make it about them. The best conversations are the ones where we listen more than we talk, especially about ourselves.
  3. Focus on their values, needs and wants. When you make conversations personally relevant for the other individual, they are more inclined to feel friendly toward you. The point is to engage with each other.
  4. Make time for them. Don’t be that person who only shows up when they need something. Pick up the phone and call, just to say “I was thinking about you.” Schedule a coffee or lunch date to catch up. And if they call you, give them 100% of your attention.
  5. Finally, share in their victories, shoulder their pain, have their back, help them problem solve, and strive to make a difference in their lives.

Learn more about HOW to make good friends of your audience with the help of InspireU - InspireHUB's E-Learning Academy, or simply contact one of our Engagement Specialists below!

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