Municipalities Must Go Mobile

Online communications have revolutionized how information is discovered, consumed and shared. Ratepayers expect information to arrive on their virtual doorstep. They don’t want to have to go chasing after it. This common perception makes online municipal communication strategies very important. It is imperative that local governments learn how to navigate this landscape, before they venture into the newest opportunity to engage their constituents.

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Mobile Strategy | InspireHUB

Most of the world’s large corporations have already made the transition to mobile, but many organizations and small-to-medium size businesses are still waiting and weighing their options. Some of them are hesitant to invest in a mobile strategy because developing mobile technology can be expensive. Others simply aren’t sure what a mobile strategy looks like or why it’s important. If you’re one of these business owners or organization heads that are still on the fence, here are five solid reasons why you should jump on the mobile wagon today.

How to Use Your IHUBApp for Customer Service | InspireHUB

Recently, my husband and I went out for dinner and the customer service was awful. The menu wasn’t actually what was available, the wait staff instructed us to soften the butter over the open flame of a candle.. When the meal, which I couldn’t finish because it tasted like tree bark, was over, the wait staff hovered over our table to thrust the bill into my husband’s hand just as he put down his fork, and then paced while he waited for us to pay. We won’t be going back. That restaurant lost two customers, which is unfortunate if that night was a fluke, but when it comes to good customer service you can’t have a bad night.

Love is a Battlefield: The Competitive Advantage of Web Apps

I won’t lie to you, I listened to Pat Benatar’s song before writing this piece just for kicks. Alas, to my own surprise I was actually able to draw a metaphor between the 80’s hit song and the concept of competitive advantage in business! Organizations, young and old, are all competing for attention online. It’s a constantly evolving battle for attention with the growth of technology and plethora of channels to communicate on. A quintessential part of creating meaningful audience engagement for an organization is allowing yourself to be authentic and transparent… in personal relationships we call it vulnerability. However, in this day and age, any organization that masters the art of open, authentic, personally relevant communication with their audience is still on the losing end of the battle for attention if they don’t optimize their efforts on mobile.

How To Engage on Mobile Without the Ability to Promote Ads?

Ad-blockers. They are the consumer’s best friend and your product’s worst nightmare. Whether you are an advertiser or the organization with a product to sell, it is becoming increasingly difficult to push your ads. For those with multi-million dollar advertising deals that are based on the amount of impressions they receive, ad-blockers are not just inconvenient, they are devastating.


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2016 Top Three Nonprofit Trends to Watch

InspireHUB reveals the top three nonprofit trends to watch for in 2016, and how to incorporate them into your engagement strategy!

Each year new technology is produced and new innovations change how we do business. For the nonprofits and charities of the world, 2016 beckons a handful of exciting new opportunities. For the past decade we’ve witnessed the slow replacement of print outreach with digital. In 2014, mobile advertising surpassed print in various markets around the world.

In 2015, more nonprofits were switching their primary focus from donor acquisition to donor retention. According to the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, 2015 marked the year that donor retention became the second most popular priority for nonprofits (acquisition falling to fourth place).

Native Apps Can't Process Charitable Donations (Here's Why!)

Before we start, let’s state the obvious – you and your Worthy Cause are wonderful, but if you’re a Charity, Non-Profit or Church thinking about building a native app, we need to talk. Consider me the best-friend that you need in this situation. The one who is going to shoot straight with you and inform you of the broccoli in your teeth BEFORE you walk into your big meeting, AND I’m not going to make you read all the way to the end of this article. Instead, I will just shoot straight with you and here it is:

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