Last October, our Founder, Karolyn Hart, was invited to talk to the 200 developers that came together at the Samsung Create! conference. When InspireHUB was founded in 2013, it was immediately retained by the Mandela family to help use technology to fight the pediatric healthcare crisis in South Africa. We eventually morphed to help corporations with their communications. In this talk, Karolyn shares the story of how Progressive Web App technology came to the rescue for InspireHUB clients, what the team learned about using bleeding edge technology and how a small, unknown, scrappy group of devs ended up being the first to do a whole lot of cool stuff.

Grab a mug of something hot and lean in for 20 minutes of fun and inspiring storytelling about what it's like to be a rogue band of developers at the beginning of a technology the world had yet to adopt, from an "Aha! moment" in the back of a cab in Nairobi as our first customer helped inform future design, to the teachable moments that helped pave the way for some of consumer technology's most valuable shifts today.


Listen in as Karolyn Hart shares our inspiring origin story at Samsung Create

We always get a kick out of hearing Karolyn share knowledge and ideas, whether it's with a group of high school and university students launching startups, or a group of business executives trying to solve communication and engagement issues. It's fun to be able to share a bit of that adventure from time-to-time when it's captured on video, especially when it includes a peek into our past. Press play on the video above and see for yourself ...

Thanks to Peter O'Shaughnessy and our friends at Samsung Internet for sharing this armchair tour from Karolyn's talk last fall!


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