'Game-changing' next-gen apps.

The IHUBApp is an award-winning and patent-pending next-gen app platform that was initially created for under-resourced teams who needed a better, safer, and faster way to engage. Along the way, we invented something new that was inspired by automotive. You don't need to know how to build an engine to drive a car. So, why haven't we applied that process to digital yet?

Today, agencies, freelancers and brands are using the IHUBApp to DRIVE engagement with their audiences on a whole new level.

The IHUBApp reduces the risk of missing critical information and allows you to build solutions that are personal, accessible, and most importantly, secure. Our proprietary suite of tools will elevate your digital experience above the noise. Learn more here! 

A game-changing way to build next-gen apps that will SMASH your previous levels of engagement.

Your time is precious and wrestling with complicated platforms is just one more stress.  Making it beautiful, making it safe with cyber-security, and making it easy to update and maintain in the future was overwhelming until IHUBApp.

Our Team is comprised of world-class technologists and leaders who understand the constraints you face.

Our Partners include trusted cyber-security leaders and agencies with a track record in serving the unique needs of small businesses.

Our Genesis Story explains the inspiration behind how the IHUBApp came to be built and why it's perfect for the under-resourced team.


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Our mission and how to get involved.

The mission we embraced when we started is the same mission we have today: to help good people do more good. With our clients and partners, we're building a platform that provides a safer solution than others  in the market place, and we're aiming to create an inspiring environment along the way. 

Our Hiring Process is unique.  We don't do interviews but paid auditions, and we work hard to create an inclusive environment.

IHUBApp Verified Agencies provide digital and creative agencies exclusive pricing of our platform and training, but also the opportunity to receive new business opportunities and clients from InspireHUB through our client match-making program.

Our Resource Library provides free tools to help grow your business. 

Small Business Writers can gain an audience and increase their reach by writing for our growing library. 

Our solutions are created with you in mind.

There used to be a time where customers were given full-service because the operators understood the power of loyal customers. We believe in the power of a mutually beneficial relationship.  It's about working together and winning together.

Our Customers were the ones who told us they were tired of fighting with their digital agencies only to receive mediocre service.  That's why we have InspireHUB Verified Agencies. Our customers helped us build the "When We Win, You Win" business model that sees sales success used to incentivize and measure performance. Our clients even help inform what we build next on our platform. 

Our Podcast is called Big on Small and is the official Small Business Podcast. We are always seeking to find new stories of inspiring small business leaders to share. Perhaps it will be you?

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