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SpotSee Manufacturing

"We have this global distribution network of over three hundred distributors and sellers. We don't get a chance to see each other very often due to the dynamics of being all over the world. What has been a real challenge for us in the past is trying to get everyone together due to the time zones and being all over the world.  We were looking for a solution that would bring our global community together so that we could all talk and share information back and forth.

What was really attractive here and what we loved was the flexibility to share content, information, current events, new product launches, or changes in a way that provided an intra-network community feel.

We are super excited about it. Our distributors like it, Seeing everybody starting to share and collaborate within it. That's my view of success and our view of success."

Tony Fonk - SpotSee Manufacturing




Boy Scouts of America Circle Ten Council

"Our Council is not any different than any other council. We are 57,000 kids strong with 14,000 adult leaders. We have 25 traditional districts and 3 non-traditional districts. We have about 75 employees and during the summer we have about 150 to 200 employees.  One of the biggest challenges is communicating with all of those people.

We would put information out there and we never really knew if people were reading it or if they were absorbing the right information.  What we are seeing is real content in real time packaged in an easy to consume format and I think that is the reason for the adoption. 

The way we can package up in channels the specific information and we are able to push that information to the customer who only wants that information with the subscription process. It makes the notifications very few based on what the person wants to consume.

The benefits of the IHUBApp have been directly related to being able to package up the content into specific channels. We have saved $15,000 in hard costs and significant resource time already. At our last Council Camporee, we were struggling to get the 10,000 people signed up at the end of that campaign coming into that event. This year we created a channel in our hub and it's only August and we are already at 9,000 people. Our Camp Card sale is the best ever it has been this year."

Sam Thompson - Scout Executive / CEO

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Greater Augusta Arts Council - Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival

"Morris Media Network worked closely with Brenda Durrant and the Greater Augusta Arts Council, their promotion team, and the InspireHUB Team, to bring the very first ever app for the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival.  This festival was in it’s 39th year and, with nearly 90,000 visitors, we were so excited to bring the very first app to it.

Being a part of the app team, I was there first-hand opening night of the festival and watched the engagement in real-time.  To see the users, to see the pages they were using, the pages they were coming back to, how the users were actually planning their festival, the fact that they actually had the festival in the palm of their hands, was so very exciting!" 

Jamie Turner - Director of Digital Operations, Morris Digital

"For a few years we dreamed about having an Arts on the Heart of Augusta app for our phones, and when we met the InspireHUB team, we just made a wish list of things we wanted to happen, things that we saw on other festival apps, things that we knew we wanted to communicate to our festival goers or attendees.  We wanted stage schedules, we wanted menus, we wanted maps.  We would send the information and it seemed like in about an hour it would land on the app. It was a very quick process.  Once we gave the information, pop, we had an app!" 

Brenda Durrant - Executive Director, Greater Augusta Arts Council



Cooper's Hawk Vineyards

"Our team was attracted to the simplicity of the IHUBApp and how it put the power of communicating online back into our hands," explains Tom O'Brien. "The flexibility of the tool has allowed us to use it as our website, our app, and our internal employee portal. It's an affordable solution that has impressed our entire staff and provided us with a sophisticated way to engage our visitors." 

Tom O'Brien - President 




Transformation Textiles

“Before IHUBApp we spent hours working on newsletters that really didn’t do much for us and we struggled with how to engage all of our different audiences. We needed something that would let us train our trainers in Kenya where there isn’t reliable internet, help our staff located in different countries communicate better, and engage our supporters around the world.

Within days of launching our IHUBApp, we saw the difference. We found new supporters from countries we had not considered and they loved that they could see all of our efforts in real-time on our app in both Egypt and Kenya. Each group has their own app experience with the Eva Wear brand. Our newsletter never did this for us and the tool even produces an automated newsletter right from the app!

This platform has helped us save time and extend our reach. It really is our hub!”

Rachel Starkey- Founder of Transformation Textiles and EVA Wear
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