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Discover how InspireHUB helps digital & creative agencies build innovative products on our award-winning platform. With the  award-winning IHUBApp® Digital Experience Platform you can rapidly build websites, apps, portals, intranets, extranets, community networks, hubs and more! 

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What are agencies building?
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What are agencies saying? 

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Competitive advantage to agency and brands.

Our research has shown there is nothing like the IHUBApp in the marketplace today. We’re particularly excited about the ability it gives us to develop our own engagement modules for inclusion in the platform.  It doesn’t just give our agency a competitive advantage; it does the same for our brands in the way they are able to engage with their various audiences.

- Amanda Rodgers, Managing Director of WK Digital

Rapid deployment in response to changing industry.

“Rapidly deploying customized, integrated and interactive digital versions of our printed theatre programs was essential for our business in response to the changing needs of patrons and the performing arts industry. We now seamlessly, through our collaboration with InspireHUB, activate both program and new content onto an easy to use mobile platform that immediately enhances access to information about the live performance experience as well as the organization and provides new ways to deepen connections with patrons, sponsors and advertisers.”

- Paul Heppner, Principle of Encore Media Group

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Shifted thousands of audiences to interactive.

When PERFORMANCES Magazine decided the performing arts market was ready for interactive digital theater programs, it was the InspireHUB team that showed the ingenuity and creativity to be the engine behind the product. Today, thousands of classical music, Broadway, dance and opera audiences are enjoying Performances Plus + Interactive programs built on the InspireHUB platform every week.

- Jeff Levy,  Publisher of California Media Group (Owner of Performances Magazine)


What product will you build?

We're highlighting just a few of the digital experiences and products being built using the IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform.

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What are brands saying? 

_The flexibility of the tool has allowed us to use it as our website, our app, and our internal employee portal. Its an affordable solution that has impressed our entire staff and provided us with a sophistica (2)

We are building a movement!

"We are building a movement with Stoney Wines and needed a tool that could help us build community. The knowledge and passion of the InspireHUB team and partners paired with the IHUBApp made our vision a reality.  Everyone is so impressed with how fast we were able to launch!"

- Donna Stoney, Stoney Wines
Website & Wine Club Communications powered by InspireHUB

What we loved was the flexibility to share.

"What was really attractive here and what we loved was the flexibility to share content, information, current events, new product launches, or changes in a way that provided an intranet community feel. We like it. Our distributors like it. Seeing everyone starting to collaborate and share their stories and their information, that's my view of success, and that's our view of success."

- Tony Fonk,  SpotSee Manufacturing
Vendor & Supplier Portal powered by InspireHUB

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