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With the IHUBApp™ Digital Experience Platform, you receive the technology and the marketing services you need to build the perfect digital experience for your small business. 




_The flexibility of the tool has allowed us to use it as our website, our app, and our internal employee portal. Its an affordable solution that has impressed our entire staff and provided us with a sophistica (2)"We are building a movement with Stoney Wines and needed a tool that could help us build community. The knowledge and passion of the InspireHUB team paired with the IHUBApp made our vision a reality.  Everyone is so impressed with how fast we were able to launch!"
- Donna Stoney, Stoney Wines

Bring everyone together with community tools.

Your small business has multiple relationships that require constant communication.  Customers, vendors, suppliers, employees, partners, and more! Now, you can streamline all your different communication tools into one easy-to-use hub!

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Streamline messaging through feeds

A channel feed is the place for you to post updates related to a group, topic, product, promotion, or person.  When members join a feed, they can set their notification preferences so they never have to worry about missing critical information.

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website (1)"What was really attractive here and what we loved was the flexibility to share content, information, current events, new product launches, or changes in a way that provided an
intranet community feel. We like it. Our distributors like it. Seeing everyone starting to collaborate and share their stories and their information, that's my view of success, and that's our view of success."
- Tony Fonk,  SpotSee Manufacturing



Custom Solutions

We work with you to understand the main communications goal you are trying to accomplish and then use the IHUBApp to create exactly the solution you need.


Streamline Communications

Unlimited channel feeds,  combined with powerful user profile tools, make it possible for you to create hyper-personal and secure experiences.


Build Community

Safely build your community, applying your own rules. Unlimited users, subscriptions, events, and a selection of great engagement tools help you to grow.

Create meaningful connections
in your digital experiences


With the IHUBApp™ Digital Experience Platform,  you can stop shouting and start communicating with intent.  Your user data is secure, and our simple-to-use tools help you discover crucial insights to further personalize user experiences.  Now, you can finally deliver on the promise of tailored digital communications: making meaningful connections.

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We've been helping InspireHUB clients not just survive during this time but THRIVE!  We collected all of our advice and made it available for FREE as our great big give-back during this difficult time.

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Big on Small is the Official Small Business Podcast that is proudly powered by InspireHUB. In each episode, the hosts interview entrepreneurs from around the world to provide inspiration and advice for small business owners.

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Access daily articles and advice tailored to small businesses, from making the difficult decisions when your resources are constrained between personnel and innovation, to free tools that can help your business soar! We got you!  

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