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With our cutting-edge, patent-pending platform, create fully featured hubs that engage and captivate your audience with ease. No complex coding or design skills required. Customize to your heart's content with our intuitive interface and access powerful features for communication, event launches, fundraising and more. The future of apps is here - learn more!


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So, What's a HUB anyways?

A HUB is short-form for the IHUBApp, which is a next-gen app that makes it easier for you to drive engagement. We designed it with the idea that you don't have to know how to build an engine to drive a car, so why couldn't we do the same for apps? With that in mind, we took all the various tools, features, and functionalities that communicators need to drive engagement and made a ready-to-drive app. All you have to do is add content and GO! One more great feature? Since it uses next-gen app technology it also is automatically optimized for the web.  Build once, drive engagement from everywhere! 

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