This year, the Greater Augusta Arts Council rolled out their Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival with a brand new app! In its 39th year, the festival celebrated creativity and culture with nearly 90,000 visitors spread throughout downtown Augusta, Georgia, over two and a half days.

Guests used the festival IHUBApp to help them shop for new handmade arts and fine crafts, sample delicious international food and watch showcase performances by talent from all over the Southeast. With artist shares, event schedules, menus, maps and up-to-the-minute reminders now in their pocket, visitors were thrilled to ditch printed schedules and flyers to free up their hands for good art and tasty treats.


Here's why that was so exciting ...

Brenda Durrant, the Executive Director of the Greater Augusta Arts CouncilOur InspireHUB team had a lot of fun working with Brenda Durrant, the Executive Director of the Greater Augusta Arts Council; Jamie Turner, Director of Digital Operations of Morris Digital; and the festival’s promotional team; getting ready for the launch.

Brenda shared her thoughts on what it was like to work with our team to create their very first app: "For a few years we dreamed about having an Arts on the Heart of Augusta app for our phones, and when we met the InspireHUB team, we just made a wish list of things we wanted to happen, things that we saw on other festival apps, things that we knew we wanted to communicate to our festival-goers or attendees. We wanted stage schedules, we wanted menus, we wanted maps. We would send the information, and it seemed like in about an hour it would land on the app. It was a very quick process. Once we gave the information, pop, we had an app!"


InspireHub Engagement Trainer, Audrey Duncan and President, Karolyn Hart celebrate with Jamie Turner, Director of Digital Operations of Morris Digital as the analytics start rolling in.

You can tell just how excited we were when this rolled out by the looks on the faces of our Engagement Trainer, Audrey Duncan and our President, Karolyn Hart and who were on-site to celebrate with Morris Digital’s Jamie Turner as the analytics started rolling in!

Jamie talked about the elation of that moment: “Being a part of the app team, I was there first-hand on the opening night of the festival and watched the engagement in real-time. To see the users, to see the pages they were using, the pages they were coming back to, how the users were actually planning their festival, the fact that they actually had the festival in the palm of their hands, was so very exciting!"


Throughout the event, guests uploaded pictures and shared their own enthusiasm for the artists, performances and food they were discovering. Before the event was even over, the Festival team was already planning the app for next year’s event.

Augusta’s talented Artists, Performers, Global Village chefs, Sponsors, Volunteers, and local Arts Organizations will be able to join in again September 18-20, 2020 for the 40th annual Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival.


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