May 2, 2017


Sierra Sage Launches an Industry First for Natural Products with Creation of Progressive Web App Powered by InspireHUB Technologies

May 2, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Audrey Duncan

Dallas, Texas, May 2, 2017 – Sierra Sage has made headlines for its success surrounding the innovative all natural first-aid product Green Goo that went from being sold in a local farmer’s market and ended with the company’s product being carried in over 2,000 retailers. The company's unique approach to innovation including how it makes its products and how it gives back to the world has created a passionate community that includes military, charities, nonprofits, and of course their consumers. Now, the “Giving Goo Tribe” as they are affectionately referred to has a home that allows fans to share their Goo-ey stories and how the products have either helped them individually or impacted the communities in which they live.

“Our mission as Sierra Sage is to help heal the world and the people on it and part of meeting that mission is understanding that it’s not just about our product but about people and the wider community,” explains Founder, Jodi Scott. “We have dreamed about creating an app exclusively for our Green Goo community but we couldn’t justify the costs associated with a native app. We also didn’t like that native apps excluded those who don’t have particular phones. When we discovered the IHUBApp and learned about Progressive Web App technology we realized this was the exact solution we had been waiting for to be able to really unite our global goo community around the world.”

The IHUBApp comes standard with a number of features and tools aimed at helping brands increase engagement with their audience including the ability to: engage with brand content, participate in real-time polls and surveys, register for events, create private channels for VIP groups, determine the frequency of notifications, fundraising and volunteer management tools, along with allowing all users the ability to upload their own content for sharing through the IHUBApp. The Green Goo Experience can be accessed by visiting in your mobile browser and following the prompts to add to your homescreen.

To request a tour or view a sample of the IHUBApp for your brand please visit:

About InspireHUB Technologies Inc. - InspireHUB Technologies offers custom-branded enterprise-grade progressive web apps that provide a suite of tools to increase engagement for all audiences (using unlimited content channels) on mobile and tablet devices. InspireHUB can be found on the web at


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Audrey Duncan

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