May 25, 2014


InspireHUB Sponsors Successful Health Clinic Using Mobile Medical Unit

May 25, 2014 12:31:00 PM / by InspireHUB

Dallas Texas and Accra Ghana, May 25, 2014 – A cooperative sponsorship between InspireHUB Inc, Odulair LLC, and the Ghana Ministry of Health provided an orphanage with a much needed Health Clinic that provided medical, dental and optical screenings. The screenings conducted within the mobile medical unit allowed for various treatments to be provided immediately on-site to patients including immunizations, the distribution of medicines, and immediate dental treatments including cleanings, removals, and other procedures to improve oral health.

The mobile medical unit was purchased by the Ghana Ministry of Health from Odulair in 2013. The coordination and funding of the unit was managed by InspireHUB. Also in attendance and to support the initiative was HRH Prince Dr. Zinhle Dlamini, the founder/director of Mandela Forever Trust and Mandela Kids.  Together, the three organizations drove the mobile medical unit into Accra to one of Ghana’s larger orphanages on the morning of May 23rd.   By evening, over 346 children and 44 adult workers had received the much needed medical attention.

“This event has been carefully planned and orchestrated for months,” explained Donald Clark, Managing Director and CEO of InspireHUB Inc. “This level of coordination and planning allows such a large participation of children to be seen and cared for by three different disciplines: health, dental, and eye.  It is a remarkable result, for a cost of less than $10 per patient for all three modalities of treatment and it occurs in one day!  This approach can be duplicated all over Africa.  We are excited to underwrite and participate in this event.”

“We have been operating with our mobile units in Ghana for nearly a year,” said Dr. Anita Chambers, Founder and President of Odulair, LLC. “It is not uncommon for the mobile teams to see over 500 patients a day in the three disciplines offered.  Every clinic, whether conducted in the rural areas, or at a high population center, like an orphanage or even a prison, demonstrates an increase in the quality of care, and a decrease in the cost of delivering that care.  It is working.”

The Ministry of Health in Ghana has embraced mobile delivery of medical, dental and eye/auditory practice and has organized the Mobile teams to be in the units up to three weeks a month, serving a larger and larger percentage of the currently under served population of Ghana.  The success is attracting the attention of leaders in other countries.

HRH Prince Dr. Zinhle Dlamini (Nelson Mandela’s grandson) was one of the leaders on hand during the clinic. “I am here for the experience of what we hope to duplicate in South Africa.  That is, the elevation of the care received in all three modalities of care, at reduced cost, and with improved efficiency for the medical teams.  This is medicine of the future, delivered right now.  It is very exciting...and the children were amazing.”

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