January 16, 2019


InspireHUB Releases The 2019 Future Of Apps White Paper

Jan 16, 2019 1:22:00 PM / by Sue Braiden

Dallas Texas, January 16, 2019 - InspireHUB Inc. announced the release of the company’s latest white paper "The 2019 Future of Apps: Progressive Web Apps Grow and Mature."  This latest white paper includes insights on the disruptive impact of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and helps anyone involved in the digital space understand the new app landscape.

"Marketers and businesses have been cautioned that a ‘mobile first’ strategy was dated.  The arrival of PWA has made it extinct and a ‘digital first’ approach that is device-agnostic is the new reality," explained Karolyn Hart, Founder of InspireHUB.

As YouTube's Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan (then SVP at Google), shared in 2014 at the RampUp online ad conference, "90% of consumers start a task on one device and finish it on another."

Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, with its ability to be used successfully on any device, has resulted in major brands and retailers making the switch.  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Uber have already adopted this leading-edge technology.

"If you’re in the business of digital engagement, understanding what is happening with PWA will be the difference between your future success or failure," explains Hart.  "The continued evolution of apps will look entirely different for the next generation of users.  Unhindered from the walled gardens of play stores with access to powerful engines once reserved for enterprise systems, they will go faster and reach farther than their predecessors.”

The white paper also provides case studies and useful resources to show how far Progressive Web App technology will reach as the largest brands in the world are making the switch.  With Google, Microsoft and Samsung leading the way and Apple now following suit, PWA is becoming ubiquitous and the future is here.

The free white paper is available for download at


About InspireHUB Inc. - InspireHUB is the creator of the IHUBApp, an award-winning enterprise collaboration and notification software platform that easily targets communications in a way that helps engage your audience whether it’s your employees, suppliers, vendors, volunteers, clients or fans. InspireHUB can be found on the web at




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Sue Braiden

Written by Sue Braiden

Sue Braiden is the Communications Manager for InspireHub Inc.

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