June 18, 2020

Big on Small Podcast powered by InspireHUB Launches with Grammy Award-Winning Music Producer and Interactive Video Pioneer, Devo Harris

Big on Small Podcast powered by InspireHUB Launches with Grammy Award-Winning Music Producer and Interactive Video Pioneer, Devo Harris

Jun 18, 2020 6:34:54 PM / by Sue Braiden

DALLAS TX, June 18, 2020 - Big on Small, the official small business podcast powered by InspireHUB launched its inaugural episode this week entitled “Choose your own Adventr” (sic). Hosts Karolyn Hart and Samantha Castro interviewed Devo Harris (Springsteen). The Grammy award-winning producer doesn’t play an instrument but helped to launch some of the biggest musical acts in the world, and is now transforming everything we know about video through his company, Adventr.

The episode takes listeners through Devo’s success story, starting back in the nineties when his Aunt told him his cousin Kanye was in town. It led to a collaboration between the two and his then-roommate, John Stephenson, who would become known as John Legend. In the interview, Devo shares the surprising lessons in this early business venture that brought him global success and led to working with other industry giants such as Britney Spears and Aretha Franklin. Devo shares the obstacles he faced during his early successes, how he overcame them, and the reasons he decided to leave the music industry to pursue another emerging trend: interactive video.

“Devo’s story is incredibly fascinating and, surprisingly, not well known,” explains Karolyn Hart. “I remember being blown away that one of the key people helping to produce some of the most memorable songs that shaped an entire generation did not play an instrument!

It’s been a few years since we first met. What I’ve learned since is that Devo’s story is largely unknown because he’s incredibly humble, and so busy working on his next innovation, that telling his own story simply isn’t a priority. I love that we are already hearing from listeners who are inspired by his story and as excited as we are by what he’s now doing in video!”

Indeed, Devo provides multiple inspirational moments throughout the episode for all business owners, unpacking some of the myths people hold around what it takes to innovate and thrive. “I think inertia is strong. It’s one thing for us to say, ‘Well, I wish one day, they would do this. They would change music, so it would look like this, or they would change our cars, so they did this.’ But who are they? Who are these magical people that are supposed to make our lives better?”

The answer becomes very clear by the end of the episode as he reveals that it’s those who refuse to see limits.

“That’s the difference between me and the next person,” he says. “It isn’t any genius. I think it’s … I literally do believe that anything is possible, and I think that anyone can win, including me. And I think too many of us don’t believe that.”

Tune into the podcast interview with Devo and learn more about his Adventr interactive videos at

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Sue Braiden

Written by Sue Braiden

Sue Braiden is the Communications Manager for InspireHub Inc.

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