October 7, 2014


InspireHUB Publishes Whitepaper on Charity and Non-Profit Web Apps

Oct 7, 2014 12:25:00 PM / by InspireHUB

Dallas Texas, October 7, 2014 – InspireHUB Inc. announced the release today of a free whitepaper entitled “The Future of Apps: Do you really need an app?”


Included in the whitepaper is an analysis on how the impact of smaller screens to distribute content (from desktops to mobile) explains why “optimized websites” are proving ineffective at engaging users on mobile.  The whitepaper also reviews market trends in the mobile market globally and highlights that the growing strength of legacy feature phones across the world poses significant challenges and risks to Non-Profits and Charities who decide to invest in native apps. Finally, the whitepaper provides a simple survey to help Non-Profits and Charities evaluate if an app is right for their organization and carefully outlines how to create engagement success using mobile technologies.


“We’ve encountered numerous organizations who are disillusioned after spending significant money on an app only to have it underperforming or, in some cases, completely ignored by their audience.” Explains Donald Clark, CEO of InspireHUB Inc. “The problem is that what they built was not utilitarian, or their approach used in delivering the app to their supporters violated industry best practices.  Our goal at InspireHUB is to resolve all these issues for Worthy Causes by: providing real world insights that educate leadership so they can make knowledgeable decisions, providing an app and content management platform that any Worthy Cause can afford, and ensuring they are taught engagement best-practices so they obtain the knowledge they need to be successful in recruiting volunteers or raising funds.”


The free whitepaper is available for download at

About InspireHUB Inc. - InspireHUB provides affordable solutions (which includes mobile and tablet technologies, fundraising management, best-practices training and solutions consulting) for Worthy Causes (Non-Profits and Charities) that maximizes their performance by helping them to recruit volunteers, increase member engagement and fund campaigns ranging from $10,000 to $100 million. InspireHUB can be found on the web at .                                                                         


For more information please contact:
Carole Obeid, Program Management Director
Tel:  1 855 355 IHUB (4482)


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