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Today, offices will have interruptions of deliveries. Receptionists become unsung heroes navigating deliveries.

Amidst the excitement will be employees who quietly observe and are suffering from loneliness.

In the healthiest corporate cultures we see teams for bonds of friendship that last for years even after they stop working together.

Does it really matter? One in four workers who felt lonely quit their jobs.

The totaljobs survey also found that most people (63%) who are lonely at work feel their company doesn’t do enough to combat loneliness in the workplace. Loneliness was found to be responsible for an average of 5 sick days a year.

Leaders, today is a great opportunity to help combat the loneliness by expressing your affection to your people. To let them know how much you appreciate them.

For at the heart of Valentine’s Day is showing appreciation to those who make a difference in our lives and reminding them of their value which directly reminds us that we really are not so alone after all.



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