We're pulling back the curtain to give you a peek at the magic behind the scenes.  Who knew the technical orchestration of bringing a piece of software to life could be so beautiful?  This video chronicles the adventure we embarked upon in 2014, unfolding the work of our development team right through to  February 2019.

Here's a glimpse at the birth of InspireHUB's award-winning IHUBApp, the Progressive Web App that makes communicating, collaborating and engaging simple!


The Birth of the IHUBApp

▶ Green lines mean we're adding code to the platform.

▶ Red lines mean we're removing code from the platform.

▶ Orange lines mean we're changing code in the platform.


Props ...

to Daniel Plarina, Evan McCormick and Derek Wagner for a little bit of Gource magic, displaying our software projects as an animated tree showing the developers as they work on it.


What's Next?

Want to see how people like the Boy Scouts of America and SpotSee (manufacturing) are using the actual IHUBApp?  ▶  Have a peek here! ◀


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