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It's possible for an entire team of individuals to be both right and wrong simultaneously. Imagine a group of 6 people who've never seen a Rubik's cube and each person can only see their completed side. The first says "This cube is blue" and another says "This cube is orange" and it continues. Meanwhile, someone else whom everyone trusts is validating that each person is right. Confusion ensues.

Wise leaders won't get angry; they will get curious. Believing the best in their team, they will begin to ask questions, first, to understand what they share in common and then to understand what they don't. They know there aren't just 'two sides' to a situation but that there can be multiple viewpoints. They remember it's possible for each person to be accurate in their personal observations and still be missing a side.

Activating Empathy

In life, and in business, the way forward always involves activating empathy. Empathy is the greatest problem solver for it involves imagining things from another person's perspective. It requires you to be open to the fact that there is likely more to the story than just "your side" of it.

So the next time you find yourself taking a "side" in any situation, just keep the Rubik's cube and remember to start asking questions!



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