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You're exhausted. We get it! And if your boss isn't convinced that your "email fatigue" is a real problem, we've done your homework for you so you can send up the SOS. What your boss cares about is the bottom line. Here's a primer to help you make the case that it's time to handle internal communications in a different way.

Email may be more than 40 years old, but it's not slowing down. In fact, it's still growing!  

We've assembled a list of stats to help your organization understand why ignoring the issue with email will cost them. Read on to learn more! 

1.  Email is overwhelming your employees.

Email Fatigue 1 (1)Email fatigue is real and has a tangible effect on the morale of your team:

  • Tweet This  74 percent of Americans feel overwhelmed by the number and frequency of emails they receive.
  • Nearly half (44%) are worried about missing an important email due to message overload.
  • Nearly all U.S. adults (87 percent) have taken steps to manage this problem with almost half (44 percent) admitting they have spent hours deleting emails they don’t want.
  • 32 percent of respondents said they receive up to 100 emails per day
  • 33 percent say they feel stressed when they receive too many messages.
  • The person they are most concerned about missing an email from is a co-worker or professional contact, and their boss. (source: 2017 "Edison Software" survey of 1,068 U.S. adults )

How does this affect your staff's work day?

  • Tweet This  Each week, the “typical’’ knowledge worker spends 11.7 hours processing email at work and an added 5.3 hours from home for a total of 17 hours or a third of their work week.
  • Each day, they send/receive 86 work-related emails at work and 25 from home. (source: 2017 Carleton University study, Canada)


 2. Email is costing your company money!

Email Fatigue 3e

The bottom line?

Email is the #1 time-waster at work, with people receiving an average of 304 business emails each week. Worse?

  • The average employee checks their email 36 times in an hour,
  • requiring 16 minutes just to refocus after handling an incoming email, and
  • losing 10 IQ points when dealing with constant email, which is the same as missing an entire night's sleep!

That bottom line? The annual productivity costs per employee:

  • $1,250 managing spam and another
  • $1,800 dealing with unnecessary emails.

(source: The Atlassian - You waste a lot of time at work.)

There are also hidden costs to your company in not addressing the stress caused by email fatigue.  Author Jeffrey Pfeffer's got a thing or two to say about this in his new book: "Dying For A Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health And Company Performance And What We Can Do About It" (HarperCollins, March 2018):

  • Tweet This  “Workplace environments in the United States ….account for about $180 billion additional health-care expenditures, approximately 8 percent of the total health-care spending.” The biggest contributor to that cost? Stress.


3.  Email overload is making you dumber. (Yes, really. )

Email Fatigue 7 (IQ)

Did you know that ...




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