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What tools are digital agencies using for client marketing and business automation? It's a wide digital universe out there, and at InspireHUB, we believe in the power of community to create amazing solutions for small businesses around the world. InspireHUB Verified Agencies are trusted digital agencies that are bringing the power of the award-winning IHUBApp™ Digital Experience Platform to their clients, and WK Digital is leading the way!

WK Digital is a web design, digital marketing and software development agency specialising in eCommerce, WordPress and PHP development supported by marketing and business automation and security support for website and web applications. With offices in Brisbane and Silicon Valley, the growth they achieve for their clients is heavily influenced by what works globally.

WK Digital is using the IHUBApp™ to deliver leading-edge solutions for universities, age-care facilities, clubs, and retail.

We recently interviewed WK Digital’s Amanda Rodgers and asked her to share her thoughts on the future of digital for small businesses, education and healthcare and how agencies can use the IHUBApp™ to help them hyper-personalize their marketing efforts simply and affordably.

Here’s what she had to say:


1. WK Digital has made strides working in the education and healthcare sectors providing digital solutions. What is a common trend that you are seeing as you are assisting each of those sectors in digital transformation?

We’ve seen two key trends in both education and healthcare. Firstly, an absolute hunger for a digital solution that can centralise communication and key resources. For hospitals, in particular, it is about a pivot to good customer experience, such as integrated mapping and wayfinding tools and polls that can easily collect genuine feedback. For schools, they need robust calendar and scheduling tools for virtual meetings as well as the videos, files and other resources needed to engage their students wherever and whenever.

Secondly, they want something that makes it less time-consuming to communicate, not more. Most organisations in 2020 have used 5 or more communication platforms, sometimes all at once, to get their information out there. In initial conversations, they want to know at least as much about the administration of the new solution as they do about what pain point it might be solving for them and/or their end customer.


2. If there is one piece of advice you would give to small business owners who are struggling with their digital transformation right now what would it be?

To be honest, we don’t see a lot of small business owners talking specifically about “digital transformation.” What they are talking about is how 2020 may finally be that year to work smarter, not harder and given the conventional wisdom they have been running their business on a good hard look.

For those on this path that are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I would recommend spending 30 minutes to break it down into steps by creating a simple pro and con list:

  1. Start/Revisit a pro and con list. Identify what is working and what isn’t.
  2. Rank items that are not working from 1 to 10, number 1 being the item causing the most pain in your business. 
  3. Figure out what you want the end, pain-free state to be for the top 3.
  4. Speak to professionals that solve those problems for others.
  5. Leave the other items on the list for later once you’ve solved the top 3.  


3. You've had a prestigious digital career and worked with many digital platforms. Recently, you've begun building solutions on the IHUBApp™ Digital Experience Platform. What were the reasons that made you take the jump over to the IHUBApp™?

Great questions. I would compare our journey as the Australian reseller and developer of the IHUBApp™ to our discovery of WordPress long ago.

We had been delivering websites and ecommerce stores in some pretty complicated content management systems. Back before YouTube was ubiquitous for how-to instruction, we spent a lot of time educating our non-technical customers on the fine art of basic content updates. It wasn’t fun for us or our customers. Then we found WordPress and all of a sudden, the people making the content could manage the content, without significant instruction or interference from a technician.

IHUBApp™ was a similar breath of fresh air. People and communication are at the very heart of why you built this app platform in the first place. It shouldn’t be hard or be feature-limiting to have your own mobile app. In a sea of solutions that specialise in a few things but not enough things, the IHUBApp™ is actually a platform of possibility. On top of that, the knowledge and the can-do attitude of the InspireHub team makes it an irresistible choice.


4. When you look at the future of digital solutions for small businesses, what trends do you see emerging?

Digital Trust.

As we become fully aware of how embedded technology is in our lives, we become more aware of its potential for good and not so good. When we talk to our customers about solving their pain points through the IHUBApp™ and other software we have an obligation to discuss the collection and storage of data, how we protect it and what framework the relevant legal system provides.

Transparency with customers on matters of digital trust will allow them to be confident in our solutions, and therefore confident in their service to their customers. The importance of establishing and maintaining digital trust will only continue to grow.


5. For small business owners who are looking to engage a digital agency like yourself, what is the one tough question you wish clients would be sure to ask of the agency they hire?

How do you handle new requirements?

Whether we are providing software or marketing services, we ultimately are playing an important role in looking after a client’s brand and reputation. Very few things stand still anymore, knowing how future needs will be handled elevates the conversation from a transaction to the first of many steps in securing a trusted agency partner.

Want to use the IHUBApp™ to empower YOUR agency's clients?

InspireHUB Verified Agencies are trusted digital agencies that are bringing the power of the award-winning IHUBApp™ Digital Experience Platform to their clients.

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