The pandemic has created a mental health crisis in the workplace. Here are 3 things leaders can give their people right now.


Jim Moss has built a career around the data on culture, engagement, well-being, and performance, using it to generate insights that guide leaders in cultivating a thriving workplace culture and people who thrive.

“I started this work because I wanted people to find health and happiness in the workplace and at school. Seven years of data pointed at culture being the most actionable culprit impacting health, happiness, and performance.”

Now more than ever, Jim is one of the lighthouses, studying the impacts of the pandemic as part of a regional Canadian study that’s revealing trends that are part of the bigger, global picture. The data shows that people in the workplace are facing increased mental health concerns, with the threat of what some medical practitioners are calling an “echo pandemic” of mental health. The results were so troubling—with a significant portion of respondents on the verge of burnout and serious mental health concerns—that a full community impact report has been commissioned.

Jim’s not waiting, however, to share what people are saying they need most from leaders in the workplace right now.

Here are three things people need that you can provide more of immediately:

  1. Flexibility and understanding of their home and family needs.
  2. Leadership communication - provide certainty where you can and insight where you cannot provide certainty.
  3. Be the example. Take time away for your own health and do it publicly. Cancel things that are unimportant. Take time during meetings to ask how people are doing. Follow up.

The complete report, commissioned by the YMCA, will be released early in October, but Jim’s team will continue releasing immediately actionable findings as they emerge in the data.

You can follow Jim and tap into more of these insights as he shares them on LinkedIn.



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