Big On Small: The Official Podcast for Small Business asks 3 of our past guests one very important question. How would YOU answer it?


Have you ever been in an interview and been asked a fun but somewhat bizarre scenario question? When we interview people looking to join our small business, we always ask them this one, specific question:

Would you rather fight ONE horse-sized duck or ONE HUNDRED duck-sized horses?

We thought it would be fun to pose this question to three former Big On Small podcast guests in our first ever Mini-Episode. You'll hear from Donna Stoney, Chris Byers, and Lale Kesebi. Their answers may surprise you! If you're intrigued by their responses, be sure to check out their full-length episodes below.

Big on Small, The Official Small Business Podcast, explores the big ideas that are helping small organizations survive and thrive. Hosts Karolyn Hart and Samantha Castro interview the inspiring people who are running small businesses, agencies, towns, charities, schools and teams.

This mini-episode gives a fun glimpse into the creative problem-solving and leadership styles some of our guests bring to the table!

We want to know how YOU would answer this question! Comment on the official podcast episode page and tell us which you would choose and how your fight would go down. If you call and tell us your answer, you may just be on the next episode!


Mini-Episode 001 - One Vs. One Hundred

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Big on Small - The Official Small Business Podcast

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