Are you ready to go to the next level with your IHUBApp?

The IHUBApp is one of  the simplest app building tools in the marketplace and allows anyone on your team the ability to instantly create an app and begin engaging your tribe.  We designed the tool to help you and your team leverage the existing platforms and technologies you are already using to do your business. We are all about spreading the love on Valentine's day so we thought we would share the Top 3 Platforms we use at InspireHUB and how we use them with the IHUBApp.  


1. Marketing Dashboards: Our Pick HubSpot

No, there is no relation between InspireHUB and Hubspot except that we share the word "hub" in our names but we are big fans of their marketing dashboard because of all that it does.  It's a big online world out there and getting the word out for marketing and promotion is a huge job.  If you are looking for a tool that will help you in sales and marketing, spin up landing pages, and collect leads than this is the tool for you.  We looked at a few tools to meet our website and sales needs and the rest really didn't pack the same power that we knew we wanted.

How to use it with the IHUBApp:  The IHUBApp is a Progressive Web App and the "web" piece means that you can leverage marketing dashboards through the app and into your tribe.  Use the Hubspot Call-to-Action feature to create buttons to be used within your app to provide further tracking on your tribe's interests or use the form generator to embed different forms directly into your app to collect the data you need. 

2. CRM Platforms: Our Pick Salesforce

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to manage your client relationships in multiple ways.  The IHUBApp offers this as an integration so when your tribe is registering to use your app you can immediately have their contact information in your CRM.  Salesforce also integrates with HubSpot and a variety of other tools.

How to use it with the IHUBApp:  In the IHUBApp go to Manage>Integrations and walk through the steps to connect the two systems. 

3. Project Management: Our Pick Teamwork

If your organization is a project-driven organization, the project management tool you pick will make all the difference.  How do we love Teamwork? Let us count the ways!  From easy task-building tools, to setting reminders, easy review of milestones and file-sharing it is an amazing tool that helps us all stay organized and know what we need to be doing next.

How to use it with the IHUBApp:  At InspireHUB we have created a number of channels within our app to keep our team notified on important projects.  We share Teamwork links back and  forth through our internal channels and links to central repositories we have created. 


How do you share the IHUBApp love?

Do you have a favorite platform that you use alongside of the IHUBApp?  We'd love to hear from you!


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