May 2, 2016


Does mobile spell death for the Desktop PC? [Executive PA - Australia Edition]

May 2, 2016 12:09:00 PM / by Executive PA

Our COO, Karolyn Hart, was quoted on the future of mobile:

Perhaps a more considered  analysis is summed-up by Karolyn Hart from InspireHUB, an event management software  developer. "Every time a new technology begins to outpace an established technology there is a societal trend to state that this will be the death of said technology.  The VCR was going to be the end of movie theaters, and the internet was going to move us to an entirely paperless society," explains Karolyn Hart, COO of InspireHUB. "The reality is there is a natural evolution and the established technology usually sticks around and never completely dies. The future is mobile and we must recognize that mobile is its own unique medium.  Mobile will become the primary focus of our attention and budgets but there will still be services that are best optimized through Desktop PCs but it will not be as prolific as it is today.  Desktop tools will become secondary to mobile just as print became secondary medium  to online."

Source: April/May 2016 - Australia Edition

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