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The Reality of Communication Burnout

Communication is the basis of human connection. It's the tool that allows people to relate to each other, to achieve academic, professional, emotional, and interpersonal success. But this foundational tool - communication - doesn't work the way it used to.  What was once a modern, exciting new way to engage has now become a digital torrent of chirps and buzzing, making it impossible to distinguish meaningful connection from the noise.  People are the brink of digital burnout, and it's exhausting their ability to exchange purposeful information.

Here's how the IHUBApp helped these clients!

Cooper's Hawk Vineyards 
Tom O'Brien used the IHUBApp DXP to transform his business during the global pandemic and captured new business within 24 hours of launch!

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"Our team was attracted to the simplicity of the IHUBApp and how it put the power of communicating online back into our hands," explains Tom O'Brien. "The flexibility of the tool has allowed us to use it as our website, our app, and our internal employee portal. It's an affordable solution that has impressed our entire staff and provided us with a sophisticated way to engage our visitors."  MORE >

Spotsee Manufacturing 
Tony Fonk used the IHUBApp to build a vendor/supplier portal to streamline communications to distributors located around the world.

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"What was really attractive here and what we loved was the flexibility to share content, information, current events, new product launches, or changes in a way that provided an intra-network community feel." 

Circle Ten Council
Stephanie Kirk is a Communications Specialist who uses the IHUBApp to engage almost 80,000 scouts, volunteers and staff each and every week. 

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"It’s putting the choice for the way people want to be communicated with in their hands, No longer do we have folks that are picking and choosing which emails to read or not reading any of them because of the volume that we send.  They pick and choose which communications they want, they get an alert now on their phone."  MORE > 

You can deliver a better communication experience for your brand community.


Community Building
The IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform is perfect for brands who are seeking to leverage the power of online community building and desire to create thriving interactive environments in the digital world. 


Ease of Use
"So easy!" That's the sentiment shared by clients who use the IHUBApp. We've worked hard to build a platform that gets you up and running fast!


Unlimited Users & Members
There are no limits when it comes to your growth.  Add as many users and members as you need!


Custom Design
Do it yourself or work with an InspireHUB Verified Agency who will provide you with a beautiful design that captures your brand!


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