Our Story

InspireHUB was born with a request from Nelson Mandela to assist him with a worthy project to help South Africa's children. Very quickly, the team discovered the following challenges that had to be overcome:

  • Donor and Email Fatigue: How do we overcome donor fatigue and the associated email fatigue that is plaguing worthy fundraising campaigns?
  • Feature Phones: How do we leverage a mobile "app" solution when most of the country is not using smartphones?
  • Data Costs: How do we ensure the data costs are not burdensome to cell phone users?
  • Non-Technical Users: How do we make it so easy to use that non-technical individuals can manage the tool?
  • Internal and External Communications Needs: How do we manage both internal confidential communication needs and external messaging simultaneously to educate and promote the project?
  • Engagement: How do we create something that people will actually engage with and use?

Where there's a will there's a way.

We began by researching the multiple collaboration tools in the marketplace only to uncover an array of mediocre solutions that never quite solved all our engagement challenges.  We decided to focus on three specific engagement areas and build a tool that would allow us to specifically engage communities via social networking, elevate communications via mass notifications, and energize organizations via rapid platform deployments. It wasn't easy but our path ultimately led us to create what would become the IHUBAppWe became one of the first companies in the world to adopt "Progressive Web App Technology(PWA) as the technology provided multiple solutions to our challenges including:

  • letting our product be accessed from any device,
  • doubled the engagement levels compared to Native Apps, and
  • it even addressed the concern around data costs to cell phone users. 

In 2016, Karolyn Hart became one of the original PWA Brand Ambassadors (@prowebapps) and began educating others on the potential of PWA technology.

The easiest way to engage your tribe.

"Our path to discover solutions to fight email fatigue and to find ways to help drive engagement solved many problems being faced by organizations today," explains, Karolyn Hart. "Ultimately, we were looking to build a solution to help engage an entire country and we realized that we had created a solution that allowed organizations a better way and an easier way to engage their unique tribes."

From municipalities like the Town of Tecumseh and businesses like SpotSee Manufacturing, to community groups like the Boy Scouts of America and even better world scouts like Transformation Textiles as they change the lives of women from Egypt to Kenya, we've had the privilege of working alongside people as they leaned in to find better ways to connect, collaborate and inspire each of their collective tribes.

Being at the forefront of the intersection between technology and engagement provided us with unique insights into what helps to drive successful teams and inspire action. We were delighted to be invited to share our journey alongside the creators of PWA and other technology mavericks at this year's "Samsung Create" conference. 

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