Our big start? Helping good people, do more good.

InspireHUB is the creator of the IHUBApp™, an award-winning Digital Experience Platform that was created for small under-resourced teams who want to take their small business to the next level.  Build stunning digital experiences such as apps, websites, hubs, portals, intranets, extranets, and more! The IHUBApp™ reduces the risk of missing critical information and allows you to build solutions that are personal, accessible, and most importantly, secure. Our proprietary suite of tools will elevate your digital experience above the noise. 



InspireHUB was born with a request from Nelson Mandela to assist him with a worthy project to help South Africa's children. A group of international technologists came together with the idea of creating a country-wide platform that would provide charities with the most-effective way to communicate their worthy missions to engage funding for themselves while providing a tool that would allow everyone to be educated on the pediatric healthcare crisis. The original goals included:

Easy for Non-Technical Users
How do we make it so easy to use that non-technical individuals can manage the tool?

Security with Flexibility
How do we find a balance between the lack of security around of open-source solutions and the inaccessibility of closed-source solutions?

Reduce Donor & Email Fatigue
How do we overcome donor fatigue and the associated email fatigue that is plaguing worthy fundraising campaigns?


Intelligent Technology
How do we leverage intelligent technology that will automatically enable everything needed?


Affordable Data Costs
How do we ensure the data costs are not burdensome to cell phone users?


Internal & External Communications Needs
How do we manage both internal confidential communication needs and external messaging simultaneously?


How will  we create tools that people will actually engage with and use?


Feature Phones
How do we leverage a mobile "app" solution when most of the country is not using smartphones?

Inventing something new.


We began by researching the multiple collaboration tools in the marketplace only to uncover an array of mediocre (and complex) solutions that never quite solved all our engagement challenges.  We ended up adopting new technologies and created a completely different approach for our clients that ended up in the creations of the IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform


Introducing the Closed-Circuit
Open-source platforms simply don't provide the level of security that gave our client's peace of mind. Closed-source platforms tended to be complex and inflexible.  We created something new and called it "Closed-Circuit".  InspireHUB Verified developers can create modules for our platform that allows our clients the flexibility of plug-ins with a higher peace of mind.

Progressive Web App 
In 2015, we completed a successful beta test using Progressive Web App technology with a client working at the Kakuma Refugee camp.  We're excited to have been one of the original pioneers in the field and look forward to its continued growth around the world.


Build in a Fraction of the Time
Inspired by the manufacturing line, we created a process that would allow solutions to be built in a fraction of the time of other competitors and would automatically include all the most complex elements ready to go. Our fastest launch? A completed, market-ready hub with content in less than 4 hours.


Data Ownership
We could not have predicted how much the world would change when we made the decision that our clients would own all their data on their platform. It's a game-changer for our client's and their users.

The journey to award-winning.


It took an entire team to get us to this point, but along the way, we had a few key moments that transformed our technology to become the platform it is today.

  • 2013: InspireHUB formed. Platform build commences.
  • 2014: The first successful beta of the IHUBApp is completed at the Kakuma Refugee Camp.
  • 2015: Special Olympics International Unified Relay Across America Event prototype is successfully deployed.
  • 2016: Karolyn Hart became one of the original PWA Brand Ambassadors (@prowebapps) and began educating others on the potential of PWA technology.
  • 2017: The largest Boy Scouts of America Council begins to deploy the IHUBApp for over 80,000 Scouts.
  • 2018: Business Excellence Awards in Innovation given.
  • 2019: Being at the forefront of the intersection between technology and engagement provided us with unique insights into what helps to drive successful teams and inspire action. We were delighted to be invited to share our journey alongside the creators of PWA and other technology mavericks at this year's "Samsung Create" conference. 

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