“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter." (Letter 16, 1657) ― Blaise Pascal 

Question: Can you describe what your organization does in 10 words or less?
If you can't then the truth is that you really don't know how to articulate in a way that your audience will understand.  We live in a world with impossible amounts of communication coming at us every day.  If you are honest, you struggle yourself to keep up with all the information. Yet, when it comes time to communicate to your supporters you will give them a long, rambling email--or worse a four page newsletter --and then are shocked and disappointed when they don't give you the time of day.

Really? Reality check.  You don't have the luxury of not developing clear and concise communications.

"But we do SO much! It's impossible to say it in 10 words or less!"

At InspireHUB we do SO much as well - we have multiple divisions of our organization, serving different audiences, alongside of supporting different products but it doesn't change your need to work on your messaging.  You may not get it exactly right out the gate either, your message should be evolving as you listen to your audience and what wording you use resonates with them.

For example, the first time we worked through our proprietary matrix process we were able to articulate what we do in 6 words, and how we do it in 3.

What we do: We provide affordable solutions for Worthy Causes.
How we do it: Engage. Elevate. Energize.

The above is still true.  Yet, as our customer base has grown our messaging evolved to reflect what we do.  Now you will notice our messaging is as follows:

What we do: Training and mobile tools that grow Worthy Causes.
How we do it: Engagement best-practices.

It may continue to evolve in the future but you can immediately see the clarity that is happening as we listen to what resonates with our own audience.

At InspireHUB Academy we will teach you a concise, systematic process to help you not just get the point but actually make a point with your supporters that resonates! To be clear, this is not a marketing exercise or tactic, but a deeper dive that allows your organization to build the foundation that will allow you to engage your supporters both now and in the future!

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