The Year of the Company App is Upon Us

While most corporate managers and executives have dozens of apps on their devices, very few of them have considered deploying their own app to support business goals and employee engagement. It’s time to start thinking about a company app if you desire to improve company culture, increase knowledge sharing and collaboration, and ensure communications are distributed widely and strategically to the right stakeholders.

We’re calling it now - this year will be marked as the Year of the Company App.


The latest statistics are staggering, with current users checking their mobile devices  hourly and app usage on the rise. A recent Gallup survey reveals that US residents are using mobile phones more than watching television these days, a stark contrast to just a decade ago when the statistics were literally flipped.*



A wide variety of key performance indicators are available for you to track with your company mobile app. Depending on your goals, you can use the app for external communication to users, volunteers, and customers, or for internal communication to managers, executives, and employees.

If you’re looking to leverage an apps functionality externally, you can increase customer engagement, provide upsell opportunities, increase customer lifetime value, and promote efficient feedback loops.

In addition, consumers need to be reminded of a business multiple times before making a purchase. Expert estimates vary, but with the number of impressions needed in the double digits, you need to have your organization visible as often as possible.

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The good news is that consumers don't even have to open your company app to receive these impressions. The passive activity of scrolling past the icon on their mobile device when seeking other information can help establish brand loyalty.

If internally employee engagement is a key organizational focus, a company mobile app can help. Your company app can feature  employee surveys, recognition programs, feedback loops, task management, project communication, and thousands of other features. The goal using the app for internal needs is to improve the satisfaction and efficiency of individual employees, leading to the flourishing of the organization as a whole.

Multiple studies have shown that when employees are satisfied with their workplace that performance improves and fewer sick days are utilized. As a result, your employee satisfaction index and loyalty rise.


DOWNLOAD   WHITEPAPER FUTURE OF CIVIC APPSIf you’re considering a custom company mobile app, the first step is researching and determining your competition. Because the apps are a relatively new sector of employee/customer engagement, there is a chance your competition hasn’t yet seized the moment. Why? Well, until the introduction of white label app solutions like IHUBApp, there was a steep financial barrier to entry, as custom apps run well into the tens of thousands of dollars.

However, IHUBApp’s white labeling allows organizations to create a custom front facing application that combines thousands of features and uses into one platforms, essentially democratizing company applications to anyone without the heavy financial investment and development time.

Now that we’ve covered the value of a company mobile app, from outpacing the competition with brand visibility on customers devices, to increasing employee satisfaction with surveys and feedback loops, how do you envision this revolutionary technology helping your organization? Can you see the way white-labeled, customized apps can improve your communication and overall organizational success?



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