Are you making these mistakes? Find out when you review these top 5 fixable mistakes made by Worthy Causes.

You don't get it. Your Worthy Cause is doing good work and making a difference, but maintaining and growing your base of supporters feels like an impossible mission.  We've compiled a list of the top 5 mistakes we know almost all worthy causes make that drives supporters away.

5. You are boring.

When it comes to your communications and talking about what you doing, watching paint dry on a wall is more interesting.  You fill your communications with statistics and numbers and completely ignore telling a story that emotionally resonates with your audience. We beg you, on behalf of your potential supporters, to please stop the pain. 

4. Your communications are confusing.

"We just do SO much." We hear it from worthy-causes all over the world.  The problem is that without being able to articulate concisely what you do no one will ever really get what you do.  Eventually, your supporters will move on to another organization where they are able to really understand the value of what they provide. 

3. You are manipulative.

Let's just say that you are doing this unintentionally.  The sad images and soulful music you put together has worked to a certain extent.  Guilt motivation is pure manipulation at its worst and it does not lead to sustainable long-term relationships with your supporters.  Instead, invest in the power of positive and decide to motivate instead of manipulate. 

2. You ALWAYS ask for money.

If the only time you ever hear from a relative is when they are asking for money, you never want to hear from them AND they are your family! So why do you do this to perfectly innocent strangers?  Your communications need to be about more than just money! 

1. You ask for support too soon!

We get it. You're desperate for money and some nice, unsuspecting individual has just told you they think what you are doing is really great.  You could ask them for money right now, and you may even get something out of them, but you are missing the bigger opportunity to develop a long-term sustainable relationship that will have lover the long-term.  

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