Technology is ever changing. It has developed to the point where mobile apps are used in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Want to know what the weather is like in Sydney, Australia? Need to make a dinner reservation for the weekend? Regardless of your need, there’s likely an app that satisfies it. Plus, mobile technology has allowed us to be more social than ever, regardless of how physically far away we are from each other.

It only makes sense then that at large like festivals or concerts, which draw in thousands of people from very different locations and backgrounds, people use an app that allows them to connect, engage, and share their experiences with each other. Imagine being able to offer everyone a unique, digital experience that only increases involvement and excitement at your festival.

This is where a five-star festival web app comes in! Find out what key features a festival app should have to excite and engage its audience.

  • Promotion and social media. A mobile web app can help set the stage for a great festival. Not only can you share promotional content for all your future attendees to see, but at the click of a button they can share this across various social media platforms. Their excitement becomes your free advertisement on Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Ticket sales. We no longer need printed tickets to board a plane and travel around the world, so tickets for your festival shouldn’t be any different. An app that is fully equipped to handle ticket sales is crucial. You’d have the option to choose exactly when tickets go on sale, whether they’re free or for a price, if there are early bird or discounted tickets - the options are endless. And the best part is with an app that’s optimized to accept payments, your guests don’t need to worry about cash or printing their tickets.  
  • The where and when. Whether an event is large or small, people need details. They need to know exactly where and when the festival is taking place so they don’t miss a beat.  Your app needs a mapping and scheduling feature to help the festival go off without a hitch. With this feature, attendees can see a map and get directions with just a tap. If you have a big festival with multiple events or stages the perfect festival app can list each of these events, in chronological order, with maps for each.
  • Real time updates and communication. Hope for the best and plan for the worst, right? Things happen. Maybe a storm has rolled in the morning of the festival or there are tech problems and a band needs to perform on a different stage. A five-star festival app should allow you to  update any event changes or details from within the app. You should also have the ability to send email notifications for any breaking news or changes that fans need to know about.  Information and updates sent immediately to their pocket. With the IHUBApp, you can even enable users to message each other from directly within the app!
  • User generated content. A stellar festival app isn’t just about sending out information, it’s about involvement and engagement. With the IHUBApp you can even create communication channels specific to groups of people. You could have a separate feed of real-time user generated content from each concert or section of your festival. Everyone who downloads the app has the ability to upload stories, photos and videos in real time. What better way to create a buzz around the festival than sharing content that people can view, like, comment on and share on social media instantly?



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