The #1 mistake you're making when you ask for money!

The Annoying Relative Approach!

Think about it.  If the only time you ever hear from a relative is when they want money than there is a high chance that you really don't want to hear from that person and they're your family! So why is it that so many worthy causes employ this exact tactic and then are dismayed by the poor level of engagement from their supporters?

You've been told a lie! 

Worthy Causes have been told that a "formula" consisting of repetition and reach will result in success when it comes to receiving donations.  That tactic used to work but over the years the success rate has dropped significantly because the landscape has been so significantly altered. Organizations have had to learn the hard way that they are no longer the only voice in the marketplace talking about their brand.  In today's world, they are just one of the voices in a sea of consumers who now have just as much influence in the perception of a brand as the brand does itself.  

So where do you start?

Through InspireHUB Academy we teach you the rules and principles of human behavior and how to create engagement that will elevate your supporters and energize them to become involved with your good works.  Here are some quick tips:

  • Engage. You have to earn the right to make a request.
    You would never ask someone to marry you on a first date so why do you think you can ask for money in your first communication? We'll teach you when the right time is to ask and more importantly "how" to build a relationship that earns you the right to make the ask.

  • Elevate. You have to be positive!
    Have you ever spent time with a "Negative Nelly"?  If the only story you tell is a sad one you are pushing your supporters away. We'll show you how to tell your story in a way that leaves your supporters elevated.

  • Energize. You have to inspire them to act.
    It's not easy but there is an art and science to motivating your supporters versus manipulating them and it is not just a "marketing exercise". We will teach you how to attract enthusiastic supporters to your cause and work with them to achieve your goals!

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