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It's one of the busiest times of the year for Charites and Non-Profits as the holiday season approaches and potential supporters--in a spirit of goodwill and leveraging the end of year tax benefits--kick into full swing. You're grateful for the support and your supporters are grateful for the tax break, so would it shock you to know that they think you are ungrateful? That perception is negatively impacting your relationship with your supporter. Do you want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't appreciate what you bring to the table?


In working with worthy causes, we, the team at InspireHUB, have placed ourselves in the shoes of our supporters to inform planning. We do things like attending the fundraiser and participating in every fundraising activity they make available--donating modest and generous amounts along the way.

When organizations invest in their follow-up with the intention of building real, authentic, and individual relationships with new donors, they are able to create a growing base of support while those who ignore this struggle consistently.

"BUT," you protest. "We say thank you at the event. The event is our way of saying thank you!"

It comes down to understanding Human Behavior and if you are not following up with the proper level of gratitude and engagement than you are missing out! At InspireHUB Academy, we will help you to understand the power of follow up and the rules to engage in a way that elevates your donor relationship to the next level and energizes them to become not just a supporter, but an Ambassador!

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