At InspireHUB we’ve declared a war on this tactic being used by some Worthy Causes. Why? Research shows that if you want to get someone to do something virtuous then using positive emotion and being virtuous is what brings success. Manipulation on the other hand:
  • is a tactic in direct opposition to the value of integrity
  • builds resentment on those who fall for it
  • does not build long-term sustainable relationships with supporters

Still, even the most sincere worthy cause can inadvertently use techniques that are manipulative! Case in point? Sad eyes and soulful music. This manipulative technique still gets used by even some of the largest brands, especially around the Christmas holidays.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

You just finished doing some shopping and turn on the television to relax. Before you have a chance to sit you get hit with the sad eyes. Maybe they are sad puppy eyes, or kitten eyes, or children eyes – it really doesn’t matter. The sad music fills your living room as the announcer reminds you of how “blessed you are”. Guiltily, you look around at all you have. To make yourself feel better maybe you call or email in your support. Deep down, if you’re really honest, you secretly resent how that organization made you feel “bad” about your life. You pay your “get out of guilt free donation” to them and then move on, only to repeat the same cycle around the same time next year.

What a waste of effort! 

While the short-term gain may be realized by the worthy cause, they’ve missed out on the opportunity to build a long-term sustainable relationship. What some of the largest worthy causes don’t readily admit is that they may boast to the press that they gain 1,000,000 new followers in their last campaign but they also lost 1,000,000 existing followers that same year. It’s an ever increasing problem for worthy causes. So how can you, as a worthy cause, begin to change?

The power of positive. 

At InspireHUB Academy we teach you how to “Just Say No” to guilt-motivation which is nothing more than pure manipulation. Instead, we teach you how to use your stories of success to elevate your supporters. When you leave your supporters feeling better about their life after an interaction with you (rather than worse) a powerful transformation happens. Suddenly, they not only want to engage with your organization, but they also want to bring their energy (whether it be time, money, or resources) to be a part of that success.

As you think about telling the story of your Worthy Cause, consider transforming your tale of woe to a tale of wow, and experience the difference!

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