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The power of the IHUBApp lies in its pure simplicity and the ability for anyone in your organization to instantly spin up an app that will help you manage and coordinate all of your different audiences seamlessly while leveraging the latest in Progressive Web App Technology.  We also built in some standard tools around news, stories, polls and events that can be used right within the IHUBApp, but the real power in our tool comes in the ability for you to use ANY system and technology that you love.  

Your event your way!  Let's take a look at some of the most popular event tools in the market and show you how to leverage them through our platform.


Step 1: Understanding the IHUBApp

The IHUBApp is first and foremost the simplest way to build an app for your tribe.  What sets the IHUBApp apart is its ability to leverage the existing tools and systems that you have in place.  We recognize that it's a big online world out there and for most organizations there is no "magic silver bullet" that will meet all their engagement needs.  Many tools have claimed to be a "hub" without an understanding of what a true hub does.  A HUB is defined as being an "effective center of activity" and "a central part of a wheel". (Source

The IHUBApp is a way for organizations to bring everything together that makes up your tribe so you can get everyone on the same page.  This includes your people AND your tools.  We believe you selected the tools you use for a reason and our job is to help you create an "effective center of activity".  So, if you love your event management software and certain social media platforms then it is important to keep using them.  We recognize that not ALL of your tribe will be on all of your tools nor will they all have the same interests and that's why we created an easy way to fix that problem.

Step 2: Understand Your Event Needs

We already explained the premise of the IHUBApp.  Even if you have already select your event management software of choice we recommend checking out this blog "The Top 20 Most Popular Event Management Software" as a way to see what is new in the event management industry.  While the IHUBApp does offer common features available in all event systems (selling tickets, receiving confirmation for that ticket, etc.) it may not have everything you specifically need.  The great news is that you can use ANYTHING with the IHUBApp so your first step is to determine what your event management needs are before you do anything else.

Step 3: Create Your Event Post

Once you have made a decision on your event management software it is time to leverage your IHUBApp.  When you create your IHUBApp you receive the ability to setup UNLIMITED channels on anything you want.  You can create a specific channel for just one event or use your IHUBApp for a whole event and setup channels that align with your event program, promotes your sponsors, or provides special offers.  You can also create private channels for communicating with your staff, security, and volunteers throughout the course of the event that allows you to create your "effective center of activity".

To promote RSVPs and ticket sales you simply select from the IHUBApp "Communicate" section the option to Add a New Event.  If you decide to use the ticket functionality you can easily step through that process.  Otherwise, simply disable the tickets and in your description section you can easily point people to the tool of your selection.

Step 4: Manage Your Users

The team at InspireHUB is working on building out integrations with the tools that you love.  To see if we have completed an integration with the other tools you love you can select Manage>Integrations from under the IHUBApp Builder.  If an integration is not available you can still manage your users.  We have built the IHUBApp to easily receive data from any *.csv file and you may also export that same data into other technologies you wish to use with a simple click of our "export" button to streamline your data between the platforms you love.

Step 5: Build Your Relationships

The IHUBApp is meant to be your HUB.  A place where your tribe can decide to join the channels that are of interest to them to help you provide a more effective personalized experience while using the tools and platforms that you love!  Once you have created your event post you can easily syndicate that post into the channels that make sense and continue to work on building the relationships with your tribe and hearing from them on the matters that are important to you.

Let us know how you've used the IHUBApp in the comments below!


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