The IHUBApp is one of the simplest app building tools on the marketplace. It's flexibility means that it can be used in many different ways.  Seeing how other industries apart from your own can leverage a tool can give you ideas on ways to use your IHUBApp.  This post will show you the different uses for the IHUBApp from the luxury of a Winery to the praciticality of a Manufacturing Portal there is not much the IHUBApp is not equipped to do. 


1. Government: Constituent Engagement

Cities and Towns face multiple engagement challenges to create a thriving community. Below are just a few examples of how the IHUBApp can be used for constituent engagement:

  • Public Forums: Promote and obtains RSVPs to your public forums.
  • Emergency Announcements: Send out important emergency announcements.
  • Economic Development: Create private channels for economic development files you are pursuing.
  • Community Events: Promote your community festivals and events.
  • Business Engagement: Create job posting and business channels.

2. Manufacturing: Supplier & Vendor Portal

Creating and managing your information for your supplier and vendors has never been easier. Here are a few things you can do with the IHUBApp to create a supplier and vendor portal that will work even in remote locations without internet!

  • Promote Product: Create private VIP channels for each of your suppliers and vendors to promote and communicate your latest product.
  • Product Catalogue: Create channels by product lines to create an online catalogue.
  • Training Events: Setup training events that allows your supply chain to register in advance.
  • In-Field Use: Have your suppliers and vendors upload their own images and stories of your product in the field.
  • Sales Offers: Instantly notify individual supply channels of important promotions and product details.

3. Wineries: Promote Your Events & Vintages

Nothing is more romantic than the lure of a vineyard for those who are visiting. Now you can engage your visitors during their first visit and build on that relationship to keep them coming back! Here's how:

  • Event Sales: Promote your events, sell tickets and have guests register for tours.
  • Wine Promotion: Create channels that allows visitors to sort by vintage, grape variety, season, or product.
  • Visitor Uploads:  Have your visitors upload images of their experience directly through your app.
  • Wine Taster's Choice: Run a poll to have your tasters vote on their favorite experience or wine while they visit.

4. Education: Organize Your Department

Your University Department has multiple audiences it has to serve everyday from prospective students to alumni, staff and volunteers, it can be a challenge.  The IHUBApp has a powerful flexibility that allows you to create an app that serves YOUR department.

  • Organize Research: Thousands of research papers to sort through? Create channels that make it easier to find what your staff and students need.
  • Student Recruitment: Create private channels for specific highchools that allows prospective students to be engaged and learn about your department.
  • Engage Alumni: Keep Alumni engaged by having them participate in votes on key items important to them.
  • Student Engagement: Have students upload images for events around campus.
  • Campus Involvement: Have volunteers RSVP directly to help on projects and events for the school directly through the app.

5. Faith: Grow Your Community

Building your Faith community and ministry is a non-stop, around the clock job.  The IHUBApp allows you to create an app that is personalized to YOUR community building needs. Here's a few great things you can do!

  • Small Groups: Create private channels that allows small groups to share with one another.
  • Discussion: Create channels by sermon topics, ministries, or events to engage a community wide conversation.
  • Volunteer Recruitment: Promote and recruit volunteers to help.
  • Prayer Requests: Create a private channel for prayer requests on different topics.
  • Teaching: Create a poll for use during training to engage audience on topic that is being taught.

6. Healthcare: Build Healthy Engagement

Whether you are a hospital, clinic, or a company that provides nursing services building your engagement with your staff, patients, and donors is critical. Here are a few ways the IHUBApp can be used to help you build the health of your various audiences.

  • Urgent Care Status: Easily post messages and notices about wait-times and other important necessary information.
  • Fundraising Events: Promote and encourage participation in your various fundraising endeavors.
  • Wayfinding: Post maps and directions of campuses and locations under your own Maps Channel that can be easily searched.
  • Educate: Create various educational channels on any topic from Pregnancy/Childbirth to Cancer/Outpatient eduation.
  • Staff Communications: Create separate department channels that allows staff to be instantly be notified of important communications.

7. Corporate: Unify Your Team

InspireHUB Technologies uses the IHUBApp for our own needs.  Here's a few examples of how we are using our own technology every day to help build our team and company.

  • Corporate Communications: Create channels for the CEO, Departments, or Everyone in your company that allows them to review the corporate communications you spend time investing in.
  • Training: You can create specific training channels for specific locations of your company (departments, geography or product) to ensure that all your staff are up to speed.
  • Project Recruitment: Some projects require staff to step up and volunteer.  Highlight the objectives of the corporate project and allow staff to get involve.
  • Manage Meetings: Create a channel for standing meetings, post agendas, receive questions, and collect minutes.
  • Knowledge Base: Create a product channel to capture frequently asked questions and provide immediate answers for future reference.

Did we capture your imagination?  Building a native app can be expensive but with the IHUBApp you can get the app feature you desire at a cost you can afford! Learn more about the IHUBApp and how it works now!

What woudl you like to do?



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