3 reasons no one likes your website!

Have you invested a great amount of effort into your optimized website but feel disappointed? Here's why!

You did it! After years of struggle you FINALLY got your website done. You have nifty volunteer forms, a list of upcoming events, and some other awesome things.  If you're a church, you have ALL your sermons posted. If you're an organization, you have ALL your news releases. So why aren't your supporters flocking to your site? Here's why:

1. Your website is really self-centered. "Enough about me.  Let's talk about me."

Have you ever spent time with a person like this?  Be honest, aren't you looking for a way to end the conversation as quickly as possible? The fact is the content on your site is about you PUSHING your messages out. It's not about creating great content that is HELPFUL to them, it's more about you talking about you.   Yes,  you could say motivational messages are for their benefit, but the people who really wanted to hear those are already committed. Everyone else, could care less and you need to communicate differently and while they may have checked out your website, they likely ignored it, and that's because...

2. Your content is FAR too long (and probably boring) but mostly long!

People do NOT have time to sift through your press releases (or your sermons). The content that you HAVE to produce to tell certain people about what is going on in your organization, does not translate while in a world where people are on their mobile phones.  You have seconds (not minutes).  The bulk of your audience needs SNACKABLE content, not sit down meals.  Stop being so long-winded. Give them what they want. The benefit is that long  content made short is more interesting.  

3. You're trying to make your website be EVERYTHING.

Look it, no one can be everything to everyone.  That holds true in technology. This is a left-over from the 90's when the Internet was young and people attended conferences called "Portal World". I know, I went. The idea was that you could do "one-stop shopping" on your site.  For about 2 seconds this happened, and then everyone moved on. Plus we learned that different online experiences require different platforms.  That's why people go to websites to learn corporate information they need about your organization and then hunt down the executives on twitter when they want to complain! :-)  Let your website be visitor information center but if you want to engage and really KNOW your clients you need your mobile IHUBApp.  Start by putting up a daily post with fresh content into your IHUBApp and stop making people deal with  your cumbersome website.  Make the post short (snackable), relevant, and fun. 

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