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The 2023 Future of Apps 

InspireHUB's latest white paper helps digital professionals understand the sweeping paradigm shifts that have happened in digital technology with the emergence of PWA technology, privacy legislation, and why the digital future now belongs to communicators and designers. 

As we enter 2023, consumers are looking for innovative solutions that not only bring engagement but do it responsibly.  This includes an unprecedented desire for digital privacy, authentic technology (AT), and a demand for digital trust.

"The 2023 Future of Apps: The Rise of the Independent Builder"


2023 Future of Apps Whitepaper (3)You may need this white paper if you are looking to answer these questions:

  • How has the need for the mobile app landscape shifted?
  • What is a Progressive Web App?
  • What is a Hub?
  • What is Authentic Technology (AT) and how does it impact Digital Trust? 
  • Why are major brands using InspireHUB?
  • How can I get ahead of the curve on using this technology?



The global pandemic has changed everything.

The global pandemic was a key contributor to the great transformation. Forced to be socially distant and erect physical walls for our protection, we saw the walls of digital being completely removed so that we might continue to connect. 

As the digital transformation exploded around the globe, so came with it the need for solutions that the everyday man or woman could easily embrace. The technological advancements also spurred a fresh wave of platforms that use low-code or no-code solutions to the significant benefit of freelancers and the chagrin of developers.

The importance of Authentic Technology (AT)

Authentic technology places a primary emphasis on non-manipulative engagement with users. Essentially, authentic technology is built in such a way that users understand what they are agreeing to as they engage with the solution without having to read through extensive terms.

The benefits of Authentic Technology include improving the quality of the product and the user experience, reducing privacy and security gaps, and increasing digital trust for both the consumer and the brand.

Why are freelancers moving from Wordpress to InspireHUB?

As a freelancer, time is money. The more time you spend on a project, the less profit you're able to make. That's why freelance builders and designers who have previously used other CMS solutions are moving to InspireHUB’s IHUBApp Platform.

With InspireHUB’s user-friendly platform, builders can launch a complete solution in as little as 16 hours, compared to the 200 hours and 5 weeks it typically takes to build a WordPress site.

The InspireHUB Platform offers many other technological advances compared to traditional do-it-yourself website and other app building tools.

Every hub that is created automatically harnesses the power of PWA for its audience. Additionally, the IHUBApp provides a proprietary way of organizing content, an intelligence engine that controls and manages all user notifications, and an automated email system that produces individualized newsletters.

These features require absolutely no setup necessary.

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