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The 2020 Future of Apps 

InspireHUB's latest white paper helps executive leaders understand how to leverage significant changes in technology to build the digital experiences their organization need FAST, including apps, portals, hubs, intranets, extranets and more.

As we enter 2020, consumers are demanding hyper-personalized digital experiences that are secure and seamless regardless of the device they are using and the impact on the app market as we know it is significant.

"The 2020 Future of Apps: The Merging World of Digital Experiences" white paper discusses the maturation of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and how the latest intelligent technologies are blurring digital experiences in surprising ways.


FINAL_2020_Whitepaper_FutureOfApps_764x824You may need this white paper if you are looking to answer these questions:

  • How has the need for the mobile app landscape shifted?
  • What is a Progressive Web App?
  • What is a Digital Experience Platform?
  • What is the research showing about this new technology?
  • How are major brands responding to this shift?
  • What do I need to know about Cyber Security trends impact on app development?
  • How can I get ahead of the curve on using this technology?



Apps have become ground zero for mobile fraud.

The RSA’s 2019 Current State of Cybercrime white paper states that “70% of fraudulent transactions originated in the mobile channel in 2018.” It also reveals that fraud from mobile apps has increased by 680% since 2015.

The app landscape has radically shifted with security leading the conversation.

What we know for certain is that in order to thrive, businesses and marketers with diverse audiences must provide a digital experience that is personal, accessible, and most importantly, secure. 91% of users say they likely won’t use a company again after experiencing a breach. We know that 60% of small companies close within six months of being hacked. This landscape has fuelled a powerful digital transformation for all digital experiences, including apps.

Insights from industry leaders on the new face of the Digital Experience Platform.

The white paper also provides case studies and useful resources on the transition being experienced with app technologies and offers insights into how the largest technology companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung and even Apple are advancing Progressive Web App Technology.

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