It’s hard to imagine but for girls across Sub-Sahara Africa the answer is a resounding yes.  Each year girls miss 6 weeks of school due to a lack of menstrual-health products.  It’s an embarrassing issue and not one that people want to discuss – including the girls who most desperately need the help.

Yet, the ripple effect of addressing such a basic human dignity issue is incredible. Girls, who are the recipients of Transformation Textiles Dignity Kits see a 75% increase in attendance in school.

How important is that education? Research shows that one of the most effective ways to fight poverty and bolster poor communities is through investing in education, particularly that of girls. Schooling not only can be a precursor for women and girls to stand up to the injustices they witness, it can also help foster economic growth and stability.*

Transformation Textiles goal this year is to impact 100,000 girls with the gift of dignity! InspireHUB has been honored to assist Transformation Textiles through their journey including the development and position of their brand, and the training of their staff through InspireHUB Academy.

A Canadian charity with operations in Egypt that distributes through Africa, Transformation Textiles launched their own custom-branded IHUBApp at earlier this year.

rachel7“I was kind of amazed at how our story emerged as we used the tool to create our own IHUBApp,” explained Rachel Starkey, co-founder of Transformation Textiles. “ At one point it was so addictive to just be populating more and more content. I am not a techy person and I love how the app is so concise and it is so easy to say to someone … hey all you have to do is ‘just tap’.

What I would say to other Charities is that it’s just not enough to have a website. Your website is important and it serves a function, but the IHUBApp allows me to create that real dialogue and have our supporters feel as though they are right there with us in this journey – something that we learned how to do through the InspireHUB Academy. We are inspired by getting to transform lives, and it makes a huge difference for our supporters to be right there with us.”

You can follow the story of Transformation Textiles by downloading the IHUBApp to the homescreen of your phone at

* Research statistics from the book Half the Sky

The Challenge

Feminine Hygiene + Health Education = 75% better school attendance.

— Why?

Without access to water, private toilets and sanitary products; most girls decide to stay home from school during the duration of their period. By the end of the year, most girls will have missed approximately 6 weeks of classes, and eventually drop out altogether. Only 1 in 3 girls will graduate.

An Opportunity

Transformation Textiles takes textile off-cuts and creates an affordable solution for girls living below a $2/day income while reducing waste at the same time.

— How?

Not only does Transformation Textiles distribute reusable underwear and pads, they also train and educate girls about their health, hygiene and sanitation; removing barriers so they can reach their full potential in all facets of their lives.


Transformation Textiles faced a unique challenge.  As a Canadian-based Charity with operations in Egypt that serves the needs of Kenyans – it is truly a global-based organization.  Supporters, members, and staff are dispersed across time zones and cultures yet they are united by their passion to see girls have the barriers removed.


Transformation Textiles’ IHUBApp provides the ability for instant updates in real-time. Whether it is posting from the back of an airplane or announcing a new training line  the IHUBApp allows its staff and volunteers to journey with them every step of the way.


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