Rebecca Butturini
Rebecca Butturini
Customer Experience Director
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Authentic Leadership

Rebecca Butturini is a leader, world-traveler, events coordinator, better world scout and the Customer Experience Director of InspireHUB. 

Rebecca's experience of living in Canada, South Africa and Italy has provided her with a unique vantage point on how culture and technology can positively influence groups.  Through a life committed to the service of others she has built teams that thrive.   Rebecca knows what it takes to manage teams and to build a thriving culture that not only keeps employees engaged but inspires them to action.

Rebecca joined InspireHUB in its early days and her meticulous attention to detail, streamlining of processes, and detailed product knowledge resulted in her quickly rising through the ranks to become the Director of Customer Experience.  Her passionate focus on the interactions between customers and the organization throughout the customer life cycle has resulted in strategic programs that transformed the culture of InspireHUB into something that clients have requested to replicate within their own organizations. 

Rebecca was directly responsible for innovative product design recommendations that resulted in InspireHUB winning the 2018 Business Excellence Award in Innovation. 

BEA Innovation Award 2018
Formstack Certified Partner